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Chapter 30: Just Another Day In Paradise.

Tuco once more spoke into the megaphone, and everyone listend.

'' I have one request. It is also my ONE and ONLY ttempt at utting this...ALL behind us. Do as I say....and we will leave....and this wont get out of fucking hand. ''

He took a deep breath and shouted into it, his voice roaring throigh the streets.

'' LUCILLE, IF YOU CAN HEAR ME, COME OUTSIDE! YOU...AND ME....we will discuss the fate of your father. ''

He then turned it off and looked down to Jeremy.

'' as she comes outside, Jeremy. She will agree with my terms....and I will break her infront of you. I will make her squirm beneath me...and...*chuckle* beg for my cock. I and my friends will take her...over...and...over.....until the image of your little girl getting fucked to pieces by me and my men is burnt into your fucking mind. She will ask us to stop as the pleasure will make her go insane......and you will WATCH. Every single moment. Because you spat in the face of a god....and such a deed cannot go unpunished. ''

Jeremy did not show any fear in the place he was in, and merely taked down to Tuco with spite.

'' Fuck you. You will not walk away from all this, Tuco. Touch Lucille...and you die. ''

Tuco kicked him in the back and he fell face first into the ground. Jeremy managed to get back up on his knees quite quickly hoever.  Lucille wasn't unable to respond out of fear. In truth, She wasn't so much afraid as she was completely out of ideas. s
She was not sure at all what to do anymore.

'' LUCILLEEEEEE!! I know you can hear me. Come on out, and your father wont die. I only want to discuss. I fucking told you, You can be the key to making all this....go peacefully, and no more bloodshed needs to be fucking made. I'd very much prefer it so. ''

'' Tuco....Le..let me speak. I need to talk to Lucille. Please. ''

'' Ofcourse. You'l have your chance to speak. Cain....tell everyone to keep their guns down. ''

Cain stood by Tuco's side, and he did a swirling motion with his finger that made everyone put their rifles up.

Tuco then put the megaphone infront of Jeremy and put it on. Jeremy began to talk and Lucille's attention was caught.

'' L..Lucille....It's...It's me. I...I need to tell you.... ''

'' ...I failed you so many times, honey. I wasn't there to look over you...when you played in all those plays at school....when you got that medal in gymnastics..I wasn't there....when you much. Your mother...was always there...and she was so proud of you...but I...I was afraid. I kept you at arms length so much...because I couldnt bear to see you....sad. I made you so sad back then. I couldnt face what I had I pushed you away...and...and i'm the reason you rebelled...and decided to meet up with people like....Bernie....and then everything went so fucking bad. It's all my fault.  ''

His cheeks were wet from his tears running down, but his voice was strong and fatherly, not showing a shiver of fear in the face of Tuco.

'' I have wanted to be there when it mattered....but i never was....I bought you try and mend that.....but it just....It didnt change a thing. I was a horrible father...and...I hoped this...that this would be a change. I...I fucked up. It's up to you now. ''

'' But....You are strong. Give...Give everyone...everyone that tries to mess with you....the fucking finger. And then show them why you are my daughter. You are made of steel, honey. Nothing will ever break you. ''

Jeremy then looked up towards the windows and a smile showed under his tears.

'' Daddy loves you, Lucille...I love you so very mu... ''

Before he could finish, Tuco's katana cut open his throat as blood sprayed onto the ground, and Lucille couldnt scream. She didnt even cry. Instead, all she was feeling in that moment was that it was coming back. The blind rage.

'' I'm gonna... ''

Gerard grabbed ahold of her wrist, and hoped that she'd stop.

'' Lucille, NO! He's already dead...There is no reason for you to go out there! ''

He was met with a punch to his jaw, which knocked him off his bad leg and sent him crashing the floor. He then looked up and sw that Alexander had run off. He then looked back at Lucille who was trying to keep herself composed, but she begun to snap.

'' Shut up...shut up, shut up!! I'LL KILL THEM ALL!! I...I need....CONNOR! WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU!!?  ''

Tuco looked up towards the hotel and scoffed. Cain looked over at him and he seemed greatly confused.

'' Why did you do that? She's not gonna come out now. ''

'' Fuck all that. I'm tired of playing safe. Afterall..... We are gods, remember? A god takes whatever he wants, be it a woman, weapons, food or even somebody's home. If I want Lucille...I can just walk in and take her myself. It doesnt get easier than that. I dont need him any longer. ''

Meanwhile, Connor had come back up the stairs with a big box, and Lucille quickly ran for it and took something out of it, before looking back at the window.

Under his feet, Jeremy laid on the ground, blood running out of his throat. Tuco then looked up towards the hotel once more, and he rolled his eye as he heard arguing from above, but he couldnt make out what was said.

'' Geez'us,  What is all that yellin..!!? FUCKING CHRIST, LOOK OUT!!  ''

A grenade had been thrown out of the windows and had landed on Cain's Nova at the far right. The shockwave of the explosion not only turned his car into a fireball of steel and smoke, but also killed about 4 people standing close to it and knocked Tuco off his feet.

Cain looked over at his Nova and he looked at the burning carcass with fury, as he then drew his revolver and begun to shoot towards the windows the grenade had come from. He began to yell out to the others who began to shoot towards the hotel right after him, riddling the walls.


Cain kept shouting orders angrily when he saw where they were shooting.



Lucille managed to duck and she went up against the wall once the bullets began to riddle the walls. She ducked beneath it and helped Gerard to hide, who couldnt stand as he was. Connor meanwhile was switching between throwing grenades towards the shooters, and for every grenade that didnt hit it's mark, one or two did. He kept ducking for cover inbetween shots though.

Carson then suddenly ran up the stairs, with many of the others behind him, guns at the ready. He ran for the box to help Connor, but he was hit in the arm by a bullet, and he fell to the floor, clutching his wound. One of the men then helped him and dragged him to cover and once everyone was in cover, they all looked over to Lucille who just gave one order.

'' Dont stop. Fingers on the fucking triggers....NOW!! ''

And so, it was a battle between them both. Both sides suffered losses, but surprisingly, Red Sun was suffering more. The grenades disoriented them greatly and made them easier targets.

One of Lucille's men then stood up and was about to throw one of the grenades he'd taken from the box. But just as he was about too, a louder gunshot, unlike that of a machinegun or rifle was heard, and in an millisecond, the man's arm had been torn off at the elbow. The man screamed in confusion and pain, but the others yelled in fear and began to run away once they noticed the grenade the tornoff hand was holding onto was live.


Up towards the top of the hotel, an loud explosion suddenly took out a chunk of the wall, rubble crashing down towards the ground and smoke rising to the sky. Tuco was on the ground and he smiled wide at the sight.

'' Good shot, Jaime. Very good. That should take care of them....Now...what do we have here.... ''

After he had complimented Jaime's skill, he began to slowly walk towards Negan and Dwight, lying on the ground..

'' You fucks are still alive....I made use of OUR kevlar. Clever. But Kevlar cant do shit against....this. ''

He drew out his right katana and he then swung it upwards, as if to bring it down on Negan's neck. A mad smile went across his lips as he was about to give judgment.

''  Time to die, boy. ''

'' No....You will!! ''

Tuco had no time to turn around and he was tackled onto the ground, landing on the pavement facefirst.

He couldnt believe it. Before him, Jeremy stood on his own two feet. But he hasn't turned. He looked at Tuco with hid bright golden eyes and he gritted his teeth. His shirt was covered in blood, as was his beard and the wound was still dropping blood. His wrists had marks of the rope, which he had managed to unbound when Tuco wasn't looking.

'' The are you still... ''

Tuco then grabbed ahold of his katana even harder and chuckled.

'' I see...I didnt go deep enough. Fucking superficial bullshit. Kuh...fine...I've always preferred delivering these executions with my victim on his damn feet. ''

Jeremy in his hazyness then noticed that Negan and Dwight had disappared, and he saw how they were both slowly sneaking up towards the hotel, hiding behind stone barricades. He felt relieved that, in all the chaos, they had managed to get away safely. He smiled and then looked back at Tuco, who was just about to attack him.

'' Now...Come on, Jerem..!! ''

Jeremy had punched Tuco so hard and quick in the face his head flew backwards like a punching bag only to be punched again.
Tuco was no oaf, but Jeremy was a titan in terms of strength in comparison and he was quick, quicker than Tuco wouldv'e imagined.

'' DIE, YOU FUCK!! ''

His katana managed to hit Jeremy across the chest, giving him a long slashwound that blood began to trickle down from. But again, Tuco hadnt hit deep enough to kill him.

'' Next one will cut off your fucking head, you fucking cocksucker. ''

Jeremy then ducked the next strike and tackled him from the front, knocking him onto the ground. He then sat down on Tuco's stomach and began beating on him.

'' You said you value your hands? The way I see are right handed. You are not good with your left...the facc that you wield two a fucking act. You cant use your left hand for shit...not with you only having ONE eye...You havent used it ONCE. ''

Tuco from below began to punch Jeremy's face with his right hand, but Jeremy just kept on talking inbetween hits.

'' Tuco....I will make your sack of fucking cowshit. ''

Tuco then turned his fist into a chop, but instead of trying to hit his side, he went for Jeremy's eyes.


Jeremy arched his head and managed to caught Tuco's right thumb, index and middlefinger in his mouth. His teeth were clamping onto them and Tuco realised what he was about to do, and began to try and pull out, but Jeremy's jaws were like a bear-trap,  sinking into the flesh.

Tuco screamed as he felt the fingers skin, muscles and tendons tear and crunch in Jeremy's mouth. And with one strong yank, Jeremy had bitten them clear off at the knuckles. He spat them out on the ground and stood up, looking down on Tuco, who was writhing in pain on the ground.

Tuco screamed in extreme pain, and in few seconds, Cain snuck up on Jeremy and tackled him onto the ground. But Jeremy was still stronger than both of them, and he managed to push Cain down and he began to punch him in the face repeatedly.



Jeremy was silent until a large amount of blood shot out of his mouth and he tried to stand up, wheezing and gargling through blood, but Tuco shot him in the back with the shotgun once more, and it was the shot that finished it all. Jeremy rolled off Cain and onto his back, and his eyes were staring endlessly into the sky.

Cain's left arm had been knocked out of it's socket, and he put it back in place, with not so much as a sound of agony. He then pulled out his machete and looked down towards Jeremy.

'' Do you want me to finish him off? ''

'' As fucking if....leave the cunt to rot....Knnngh...It hurts....Get in one of the trucks....EVERYONE, WE ARE RETREATING!! LET'S GOOOO!! ''

The people of Red Sun ran for the trucks that hadnt been destroyed and left Paradise in a cloud of smoke and dust.


Lucille was the first one to wake up. The blast hadn't hurt her, but she had been knocked out cold, and the sight she saw was not pretty. A huge chunk of the wall was gone,  leading out into open air, and 4 of the men had been caught in the explosion, the others, including Connor and Carson and Gerard, were either wounded or safe from the blastzone. Lucille noticed nobody was shooting anymore and she looked out over the plaza, which  was in complete disarray. 4 trucks had been blown up along with parts of the scenery, and many of the Red Sun had died. The rest had driven off.  

She stood up to make sure everyone was okay, and once she had checked up on everyone, she ran down the stairs. Every floor was filled with people just barely mustering enough courge to come out of their rooms, and she heard children crying in fear, but she didnt care at the moment. She kept running until she was outside and in all the smoke and dust, she began yelling out for Negan, hoping he was alive.She then saw a silhouette in the smoke, and she smiled for a brief second. But the person coming towards her through the dust was not him. It was her own father....but it wasnt him. Not anymore.

'' ''

Jeremy's eyes had turned white and his voice was coarse, and with every groan, he gargled blood. What was left of him, stumbled towards Lucille, slowly but steadily.

'' No....No...this isn't real....This isn't...Oh my god... ''

Her face was strained of sorrow and tears coloring her cheeks bright red, and her voice was cracking. She couldnt keep herself calm anymore, and she unsheathed her bowie knife, hands shivering.

'' Forgive me...daddy. ''

She ran up to her father, knife in hand, ready to strike, and Negan didnt look away. He wanted to, but he couldnt. He saw her put him down quickly, and he was about to break into tears himself. Not purely because of Jeremy, but because of the promise. He felt as if this was all his fault. I promised her, he thought. I fucking promised her.

And then their eyes met amidst the smoke, and all he could see was Lucille breaking into pieces, heart and soul.

End of chapter 30.
Chapter 30: Just Another Day In Paradise.
This has been...chapter 30...and...well, it's intense.  Again, a bit shorter then i thought it would be, but it still covered all that i wanted to cover.
Tuco is such s humongous a-hole. Yet I love writing him so much. The jerks makes for some of the and....coarse dialogues. 
And Jeremy has now made Tuco...technically powerless. What he says IS true. Tuco is not too good with his left hand, both because he really is righthanded, AND because it's his blindspot.
So Jeremy cripples his good hand, his sword hand. Both to make sure he wont do as much harm in the future...AND it's also a way for Jeremy to get back at Tuco for all of the insults and threats towards Lucille....and he DOES keep his promise.  
Only fingers he has left on that hand now are his ring finger and pinkie, and you cant hold a sword with that. 
And the scene is not really a homage to Governor and Merle fighting, but more to this scene from Hellsing. There's one part I kinda wanted homage to.…

(Go to 4:05, roughly. It IS gorey though, so i warn you guys.)
And as for the scene with the explosion....i will have to clarify that the explosion didnt happen right next to the box of grenades. That is why the explosion wasn't bigger. (and didnt kill off everyone.)
Alexander runs off and.....well, we'll see what happens with him.
And...Jeremy. He kept on fighting, even in the state he was in. Respect. He holds off Tuco unarmed and neck slit, and he still is able to overpower him. Only Cain jumping in to save Tuco and Tuco shooting him in the back like a bastard let Tuco survive this.
I hate killing off my characters....and this was no exception. I'm a wreck right now. D:
And chapter 31 is gonna be even worse ''feels'' wise, because it's the aftermath.

Chapter 29: Snake.

Tara rubbed her face with her chained hands as the sun shining in through the door hurt her eyes. She then yawned loudly.

'' Shut the fucking door, will'ya? Not easy to go to sleep as it is...and then some bitch comes in and fucks it all up. ''

'' You are in no position to request anything, Tara. ''

She began to scratch the scab on her hand that had begun to grow over the wound Gerard had given her and she looked up to him and smiled mockingly.

'' Well lookie lookie. It's boss man. Good day to you. ''

'' Shut up, Tara. I came here to ask you something. ''

'' What did he do to make you tell him where your base lied? ''

'' Who? I dont have a clue what the fuck you are talking about. ''

'' Dont act fucking coy. I know you told Alexander. What did he do to make you spill it out? ''

'' He didnt do anything. ''

'' Lies. ''

'' No, i'm fucking serious. I mean....*chuckle* ''

'' WHY would he need to even try to get that out of me....when he has known long before since this even began? ''

Tara enjoyed seeing Gerard's reaction. Even with his sunglasses, she knew he was in shock.

'' What are you talking about...Why are you telling me this... ''

'' I realise how fucked I' you...and letting you know just how little it matters even if you know....I guess it's all that can make me laugh right now. ''

'' Lies. ''

'' I'm telling you....there's a snake in your Eden....and you have been eating from his deceitful fruit for so long.....that God is coming to exact judgment on you. ''

'' You ARE lying. This is just a waste of time. ''

'' I'm not lying. He is. But maybe your ears arent as good as I thought. *chuckle* ''

Gerard left the chuckling Tara alone in the room, but as soon as he locked the door behind him, he felt her words reverberate in his ears, over and over.


Michelle was lying on the floor in Jaime's room. She was completely alone, and her eyes was fixated on a noticeable crack in the wall.

She then looked down at the knife and moved towards the crack. She flipped the blade up and began to try and chisel her way through, but the knife wouldnt do much.

She then heard a voice through the wall.  Faint, but clear enough tht she could hear.

'' He..Hello? Who is scratching the wall? ''

Michelle was surprised not that someone was talking, but who was talking. She spoke back and she took a breath of relief when he answered back.

'''re a god...Aiden? ''

'' Who are you, lady? Do I know you? ''

'' N-no...I...I came with your dad's friends. The new guys. ''

'' Oh, so you are friends with that big guy? Negen? ''

'' Negan. Yes. Tuco and his guys...kidnapped me...and a few others. ''

'' That sucks. ''

'' I will get us all out of here. I...I'll come up with something. I... ''

Michelle found herself sobbing. She hated it. She wanted to go back, to see the others again. Not to be in this hellhole.

'' Are you crying, lady? ''

'' It''s nothing. I'm just...scared. These people....are...bad. Really really bad. Kid...Ai..Aiden...Stay inside, dont even TRY to break out. When the bad men come back....Do not tell anybody we've talked....I...I will get you out of here....and then we'll all...we'll all go back together. ''

'' Can the wolf-lady come with us? She's not a bad person. ''

'' She...She's not.... ''

'' Oh....I...oh. I liked her. D-Did she suffer? ''

Michelle decided to lie, to not hurt his feelings.

'' died helping us...she...she was a good person. Sorry to let you know about it this way. ''

'' Hey..lady...what's your name? ''

'' Michelle. It's Michelle. Aiden...I'll get us out....I promise. ''

But Michelle was doubting herself, and she could feel the taste of it with every word.


In the plaza, preparations were made.

Negan and Dwight were wearing their kevlar and their guns, although Dwight was now using his crossbow instead of a rifle. Lucille stood before them, arms crossed and she looked unsure, as if this wasn't the way to go.

'' Negan....Promise me you'll come back. ''

He kissed her on the cheek and embraced her. He didnt feel unsure about going, but he felt a chill go down his spine when he thought of the possibility of not returning.

'' You need to keep a good eye on this place, okay? ''

'' I will. We'll be fine. Now go, honey. Bring back my dad...and everyone else....Please. ''

Negan nodded and they said goodbye to one another. Lucille however still had that bad feeling in the back of her head. Something was bound to go wrong.


Gerard were up near the top of the hotel, looking out of the window. It was a nice afternoon, but he couldnt get Tara's words out of his head. Snake. Alexander had never done anything to make him not earn his Gerard's trust...yet he didnt think of it as an impossibility.

Alexander then came around the corner of the hallway and he walked up to Gerard.

'' Hello, Gerar..Hmm? ''

Gerard then drew one of his Mauser's and pointed the gunbarrel towards Alexander's throat and he subsequently put his hands up. Gerard realised he had drawn it as if on impulse, but it was too late to go back now, and he went with it.

'' Alexander....for how long have you been lying to me? ''

Alexander's expression showed that he could barely believe wht was happening.

'' Whoa....what on earth is all this about, boy? ''

'' Gerard..what the fuck is this bullshit? ''

He looked over his shoulder to see Lucille and Connor with her, and they both looked towards Gerard with confusion.

'' Lucille.....stay out of this. Alexander....has some explaining to do. He'll eiter tell me...or I'll shoot him...right here...right fucking now. ''

Lucille then looked out the window. She heard something. Trucks. A convoy of trucks, comming closer....and something even louder.


They were walking towards the end of the plaza slowly, as Dwight could catch up as easily. Negan then suddenly stopped. A armytruck had driven down the second street, and it was black in color, and he knew who had arrived. He quickly turned his head towards Dwight and Dwight took notice in how nervous he became by the mere sight of it.

'' Dwight....go back....GO BACK, NOW! ''

But before they could, Negan and Dwight were hit in the chest by gunfire from one of the attacker's rifles. They both dropped onto the ground as if they were ragdolls, and Lucille screamed out to Negan as she saw from the window that they werent moving.


The convoy consisting of over 10 trucks and a darkgrey Nova then drove into the plaza, and once they all stopped, everything went quiet again.

Lucille looked back over at Connor and her face was red out of pure hatred and anger.

'' Connor..sneak out to the truck..Bring them out. Bring them all out.  I'am going to kill them. ''

Lucille gave him a cold and demanding stare that even gave him a shiver, hardened as he was. Gerard meanwhile was waiting for an answer from Alexander, who even as Gerard held him at gun point, was not talking, instead keeping his eyes focused on the people outside.

Connor shook his head to Lucille's plans, not wanting to do it.

'' But...They could see me...I dont feel like getting fucking shot, Luci... ''

Lucille then grabbed ahold of his shirt and pulled him towards her, her last nerve almost gone.

'' FUCKING DO IT! Ju...Just do it. If we dont...they are gonna go right into this place...and nobody will be safe. ''

He did as she ordered him and he soon disappeared from her sight.

She was on the verge of collapsing out of sorrow and she could only barely keep herself from crying. She didnt want to believe it. Negan couldnt be dead. But at that moment, she steeled herself and kept looking out into the plaza.

She hadn't met the man, but she figured out by the way he was ordering everyone else around that the older welldressed hispanic man was Tuco.

Tuco had a megaphone in his hands, and he began to speak, and it was loud enough that his voice could be heard through several streets.

'' I WOULD ADVISE YOU ALL TO NOT DO ANYTHING FOOLISH, SEEKERS! WE ARE NOT MERELY HERE TO FIGHT....No....We....We have something else to say. If you shoot me....We will return fire....tenfold. So fingers off any fucking triggers...and let me ''

'' A few days ago...A colleague of mine was killed on these very grounds. Eva was her name. Gerard....If you can hear me... We have killed eachother plenty in the past...but Eva was different. You executed one of my most valueable subordinates....and for that....I only see it fair that we take one of yours. ''

Lucille looked out over the plaza and the wall of trucks that had parked up and she felt a chill down her spine, as everything was about to turn much worse. She looked back at Tuco who then yelled out to his people:


A man with a bag over his head was brought out from the back of one of the trucks. He was then put on his knees infront of Tuco.

'' this man's blood flows....onto your hands. ''

Tuco pulled off the bag on his head...and Lucille saw the face of her father. He had been beaten and bound....and Lucille then fell onto her knees and she lost all strength, mentally and physically. It was over for him....and for her, she thought. They'd already lost.

End of chapter 29.
Chapter 29: Snake.
Not quite as long as i planned...but it was good enough. Now chapter 30 will come into play...the chapter where things start get serious.
As for what happend....Gerard gets suspicious about Alexander, Negan and Dwight gets shot (Dwight cant catch a break, poor guy.), and Michelle finds Aiden...well..technically.
Oh, and the shit hits the fan....or will. Next chapter.
It'll be out....soon.  It'll be very actionpacked, and action is the thing i like to take time on.
Chapter 28: Death Row - Part 2 of 2.

'' Wake up, bitch. ''

Michelle reached out to grab onto something, but all she felt was the cold stonefloor under her. The room was dim and she could see a desk, a couple of chairs and a bed and not much else. In one of the chairs, she saw the silhouette of a longhaired man.

'' W-where am I? I..I remember....Oh...oh god... ''

She hadn't been completely awake when they had taken the bag off her head and subsquently knocked ouy....but she remembered...someone. She remembered....someone undressing her...and...

'' No....No...It didnt...It didnt happen... ''

She felt like throwing up....and she wanted to scream and run away, but one cold stare from the man in the chair stopped her before she did anything.

The man began to speak. His accent was British, but Michelle had no idea from where.

'' It happend. But only one of'em...not that it makes it better in any way. I know you wont care for it...but I'am truly sorry about what my ''colleagues'' did to's...untasteful.

'' W...who did it?

'' Biff. He's one of the least desirable among us. A fat washed-up biker who is only here because the other bikers among us respect him. I interupted it before he could finish however...You are safe here. But in return...You will do as I say. ''

'' I...I.... ''

Michelle nodded, realising she would live longer if she did not go against the man.

'' Bring me water. I'm thirsty, woman.  There's a bottle somewhere.... ''

Michelle began to look, and it only took a few seconds before the man lost his temper and yelled out.


'' I'm looking, calm down. Who...who are you even? ''

He turned the chair around and looked over towards her.

'' I'am your new master. Call me....Jaime. It's what everyone calls me. ''

She stepped back once she saw his face. His lips were gone and unhealed, revealing his gums and teeth, and the edges were covered in a darkreddish crust of blood and whilst his long hair covered them, Michelle caught enough of a glimpse to see a similar bloodish crust where his ears wouldv'e been.

He looked up at her with his wide-open orange eyes and snatched the bottle from her hand.

He began to drink, but as soon as the water hit his mouth, he dropped the bottle onto the floor, as Michelle then caught it.

'' F..fuck...FUCK IT HURTS! ''

He was wiping his mouth with his sleeve, but it only made his wound more irritated, and by effect, him.

'' Lean back into the chair. I'll help you. ''

Michelle put her hand on his shoulder as he tried to move it away.

'' No..fuck off, bitc... ''

She pushed him back into the chair and he merely looked back at her.

'' SIT. DOWN. You are only gonna make that shit worse by scratching, fucking moron. You dont pour water on wounds like that. What kind of fucking idiot are you? Open up your damn mouth. ''

She poured the water into his open mouth without letting it hit his wounded lips. He then felt something drip onto his chin, and he looked up and saw that Michelle was crying.

'' What's with you, woman? Not many would insult someone and then cry about it. ''

She brushed the tears away with her hands and looked back at him with anger.

'' Fuck you...I...I'm..I...I..I want to go back. This is a nightmare. It's not fucking real. ''

Jaime pulled her downwards to him so she could see his scarred face and wide piercing eyes. His mouth was set in an permanent lipless, almost skeletal grin, but Michelle could see that he wasn't smiling beneath it all. His voice was cold and emotionless.

'' This face is real. What happend to you...was real. Where we real. ''

She walked back and looked for something to grab onto. She was afraid in his prescence. She wanted to get out...but she needed a weapon. But there was nothing.

She then asked him a question.

'' Are...are you gonna...try...Like....him...?  ''

'' No. I do not rape....and....well, unfortuneatly, woman.....I'am not what you would call....into your kind. ''

'' mean... ''

He nodded and then it seemed that he got a bright idea. Michelle wasnt sure if he was grinning, but it felt like it.

'' I just realised something.....I HAVE the keys to all of the doors in this place...and I could smuggle you....and the others back out....Tuco wouldnt like it....but I would. Even for a laugh..It would be fun to see him crack under might help you. ''

'' R..really? ''

Jaime didnt answer, but she could see in his eyes that he was telling her ''Yes''.

'' Woman....Take this. ''

He took something out of his pockets and reached out his hand towards her.

'' that a... ''

He handed her the knife, but it didnt look like the army knife she was used to using. Smaller...and the handle looked as if it could split.

'' It's a butterfly knife. Easy to conceal. Quick and silent. If you truly want to...You can kill the fucker. Biff, I mean. ''

'' Are...are you on my sid... ''

'' No. Do not take this as kindness. I'am willing to help the future....and...I'am not ''helping'' you because I like you. In truth, i dont know you. I'm merely giving you 3 options, because that is fair. You can take revenge and hope nobody but me finds out. You can take that knife right now and slit open my throat, which will lead to you being thrown back out, and raped until you lose your mind, begging for them to stop, and then be can point that knife back towards your throat...and just end it. 3 choices. I do not care which one you pick. Just as long as you do. ''

'' E...even if I picked..the second one? ''

'' Yes...Even if you did that. I wouldn't care. Ofcourse....I wouldnt go down without a fight...but I wouldnt care who won. The winner wins, that is all there is to it. ''

Jaime then rolled his eyes and walked by her, towards the door.

'' Anyhow....decide when you feel like it....I have other things on my mind. I have to go. ''

'' Like what things? ''

Michelle quickly walked up infront of him so she blocked off the door.

'' You wouldnt wanna know, woman. ''

'' Just tell me. ''

Jaime scoffed and sighed, but nonetheless answered her.

'' Tomorrow...We will go to Paradise....and the old man, the mechanic....will be executed infront of all of Paradise to a symbol of what happens when you go against Red Sun. Now....I will go for a walk. Stay in this is the only place you are safe from Biff and the rest of his filthy friends. ''

Michelle didnt have anything to say as she was still in shock, but she felt how she grabbed the knife harder. She moved away from the door and let him pass. He had turned his back to her and he was already halfway out of the door when she realised that she could do it. One swift move with the knife and he'd be dead. But WHY couldnt she move?


Negan was out in the plaza, checking through one of the army trucks Red Sun had left behind. He was just coming out of the back when he saw an familar face coming down towards him.

'' Dwig...Dwight?! Holy fucking christ, You are actually back up....Wow, are you feeling? ''

Dwight was walking by his own accord, but Negan noticed he was taking his sweet time. Every step seemed to made him cringe slightly. He was wearing a black tight turtleneck instead of his usual vest and shirt and in place of his usual jeans, he wore desert camo pants tucked into army boots.

'' Still hurts....but I can do my part. ''

'' After we won......we found some things in their trucks. Like this. ''

Negan went back up into the back of the truck and came back out holding onto two bulletproof vests.

'' It's kevlar...It'll do the job....and it'll keep you safe from any gunshots. Here, put it on. ''

He handed one of them to Dwight who quickly put it on.

'' Thanks...appreciate it. ''

'' How's Sherry by the way? ''

'' She's....I dont know. I can barely believe she survived that....heck...I wouldn't....and....I dunno. I never intended to coddle her...but I never wanted her to kill anybody....and...well, You know what happend. She told me you were watching. ''

'' I was. How so? ''

Dwight walked up to him and snarled at him, Negan unsure why.

'' Then why didnt you try to stop it? ''

'' Sherry chose to do it....and...I wasn't the only one there. Sherry made her OWN choice and she won. If you got a problem with that....dont look at me to blame. ''

Dwight looked at him with a angered frown, but he soon returned to his usual straight face.

'' Sorry, man....I dont mean to be that. It's just....This is all kinda bullshit, y'know. Attacks....and I heard from the others. Jennie, Michelle and Jeremy and Billy.....they should've been back by now. ''

'' You are preaching to the choir, Dwight. But we will win this war, and all of this bullshit will slowly but surely disappear. ''

Negan then looked back at Dwight and turned to a new subject.

'' Okay...Dwight...We will go out and me...and bring back Billy..Jennie...and Jeremy...I promised Lucille. If I dont bring back Jeremy...she's not gonna be happy. ''

Dwight nodded, but he looked confused.

'' I'll go with you...but...Why would she give a fuck about the guy who saved me? ''

'' Oh...there is alot I'm gonna have to tell you, man. Come on, Let's get back inside. ''

Negan began to walk back towards the hotel with a smile on his face with Dwight behind him, completely dumbstruck.

It was nightfall and Tuco was infront of the entrance to Red Sun and before him, over a 100 people, had come to hear him tell them the new plan. He was wearing his grey dresscoat and black clothes under it, and his hair was as unkempt as usual.

He began to speak to his audience, and everybody listend.

'' It is....TODAY...that we move on Paradise. Gerard thinks he's strong enough to stand against us. And...he was. Once. That was a long time ago. We were weak then....I will not deny that. We were all weak...snivelling cowards whose balls had barely dropped. Now...We are on the same realm of existence as history's greatest kings. We are not merely men or women anymore. We are Emperors....Regents....Leaders....But most of all.... ''

Tuco took a deep breath before he shouted out to the crowd:

'' WE ARE EMBODIMENTS OF GODS! The Seekers....will be our first prey. Once they are gone...we go for The Kingdom...then Hilltop....and then....we will keep going until we rule this fucking country. America...will be ours. THE WHITE STARS ARE DEAD AND GONE! THE BLUE NIGHT WILL NEVER RETURN! The white....the blue....all gone. Poof.  Now....there is only us. The Red Sun. And our rays will burn bright and without pause. ''

Cain then signaled him to stop for a second and he walked over to him.

'' Should we bring....''them'' with us, boss? ''

Tuco waved his hand and shook his head. He llooked to Cain and whispered in his ear:

'' No. They are not finished yet, and unusuable...but they will be operational soon enough. We, all of a force will be enough. No need to overkill it...besides....We might still have need of Paradise as a base once we've....cleansed it from undesirables. If we bring them along with us....It'll be turned into rubble in minutes. ''

Once he had stopped whispering to Cain, he turned back towards the crowd and smiled kindly towards them.

'' Now.....Friends.....get in the trucks if you feel as I feel. If are welcome to stay here, rubbing yourselves and lazying around. But that is not how we live. In basic terms...We fuck, we do not get fucked. Now....I want everyone that is say so....PARADISE....WILL...BURN! ''

Tuco opened up his arms as if to embrace his audience, and they all began to chant with him:


Tuco began to laugh in devilish joy as the chanting became louder and louder.

End of chapter 28.
Chapter 28: Death Row - Part 2 of 2.

This has been chapter 28. 
Jaime....well, he is still a cunt. But he isn't ''completely heartless''.   His cunt'ness stems more from him being a narcissist and arrogant than it it him being an inherently bad man.  That is why he....sort of....kinda warms up to Michelle. He doesnt ''care'' about her, but he still has his own set of morals and he does stand by them. That is why he saved her from Biff.
And Michelle....well, is unsure about the whole situation. Can she trust him or not?
Dwight and Negan back together was also nice to write.
And...Tuco hamming it up infront of his people was a blast to write. He is just so fun to write when he gets really into what he is doing.
Next chapter will be....''a calm before the storm'' kind of thing. It'll be a long one, and so will 30.

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Chapter 27: Death Row, part 1 of 2.

Jennie woke up from her headache, but she didnt recognize the room. It was...cold...dark....and unsafe. She looked to her left and saw Billy chained up to the same wall she had been chained to. Billy's leg had been bandaged, but it was bloodstained by now.

'' I was wondering when you two were gonna wake up. ''

Cain stood infront of her, wearing a black tanktop and tight stonewashed jeans over his bandages. In his hands, he held a plastic bag with what Jennie thought was white stones. He had also unwrapped his bandages somewhat, so both his eyes could be seen. One that was fiery orange, and one white as snow.

Billy then opened his eyes and looked at the bag and shook his head.

'' Jennie...those arent stones...They are teeth. Human teeth. ''

'' Indeed, big man. They are from....uhm.... ''

Cain scratched his chin as he tried to recall the name, but he couldnt.

'' I dont know the name....that fedora-wearing bitch you got with you. I gave her to the men....but...well...she could be dangerous, trying to bite her her way out or I punched her teeth in myself. Thought it'd make a nice present for ya'll. Maybe a necklace or something. ''

Jennie shook her head in disbelief and looked at him with her one eye wide in shock.

'' Y-You didn't...You fucking piece of shit, you DIDN'T do that! ''

'' Oh, but I fucking did. ''

Jennie then looked at the plasticbag in disgust but Billy suddenly began to laugh, confusing both Cain and Jennie.

'' Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. You are so fucking dumb if you think..Pfft....HaHAHAHAHAHA...oh god, i'm pissing myself. This is too fucking comedian... ''

Billy kept giggling as Cain grew more impatient waiting for an answer.

'' What? What is so funny, big man? ''

'' Yes, Those teeth have blood on them, so I can see they are the real deal...but the blood is so old it's turned black...and....the shape isn't right. Those are an old man's teeth...crooked...miscolored, so I guess he was a smoker....Michelle herself doesnt smoke, so that by itself is enough to crush your lie. I cant fall for your little mindgames. If you are trying to make us worried...You are sorely mistaken. ''

Cain then sighed as he looked down at Billy, who was smiling mockingly back at him.

'' Alright, you got me. These are from...whoever the fuck they are from. I never know the names. Good eyes, big man. How did you know? ''

'' I am 50 times smarter than you for instance....and...I have seen enough dead bodies to know how teeth look on each genders. ''

'' Well, that was fucking cryptic....but I'll take your word for it. Rest assured...Her teeth are safe. I almost got you guys there though...heh...I like you. You arent pissing yourself in fear. But they all do. It's only a matter of times before I turn your courage into screams of agony. You'll bleed....whimper....and piss yourself...just like they all do. Just like....Aiden. He screamed as I killed him. I killed him as soon as we caught him and came back here. ''

Jennie shook at the revelation, and she felt as if she was gonna puke. She was too tired to be able to discern truth from lie and vice versa. All she knew was that there was no way out of ths.

Cain threw the bag over onto his bed and he began to look over the table covered in tools, whilst keeping his blind eye on his prisoners.

'' That said, about the fedora gal......I didnt lie about giving her to the men. The boys are hungry, and....I'd imagine they are all...Taking turns right this second until they are all sated. You see....the guys in here....They have...needs. You know WHY Tuco is able to keep them on their leashes? All of us...dogs...monsters....wild animals? Because he lets, do as we please. It's our world for the taking, and everyone in it is our to do whatever we see fit. If you want a piece of food. Take it. If you want a gun. Take it. If you see someone you want? You TAKE them. ''

Cain then grabbed a hacksaw and looked at it methodically. He touched the tip until blood was seeping out of his finger, making sure of it's sharpness but there wasnt so much as an whimper of pain coming from him. He put it back and kept speaking.

''' Now, back to your friend...The women that have earned their place here and are in a relationship with another member....are off-fucking limits. But strangers...or outsiders....are all food to them. Your little just a snack to them. If you listen can hear the sound of gnawing and flesh meeting flesh...Isn't it fucking beautiful? ''

He held his hand against where his left ear wouldve been and his nonchalant demeanor and tone caused Jennie to snap. She pulled on the chains and tried to break free as she yelled out to him:


He swung around quickly and she felt the tip of his machete touching her neck gently.

'' Jennie....You best hold your tongue. I like your...whole schtick and your scars are ome of my finest work, and I want to keep you alive and not rotting to keep it so, which is why you are here and not together with her....but if you push your fucking luck, dont think I wont personally throw you out there....and then you wont have anything to protect yourself with. The boys will have you...and you'll be broken on so many levels I cant even list them. And I wont stop with punching out just your fucking teeth. You've been giving me the stink-eye for too long. ''

He then moved the machete upwards so Jennie could see it just in the center of her eye. She was trying to stay calm, but her shivering was noticeable even for a blind man.

'' On the other hand....wouldnt be fun if you couldnt SEE what I'm gonna do to you both. ''

Cain then sheathed it and began to walk for the door. Jennie told him to stop and asked him one last thing.

'' Where is Jeremy? What are you guys planning? ''

'' Tuco is gonna deliver judgment on him soon enough. Sadly, you'll wont be able to see it. Now....I will see you later...and then....we'll begin our fun.  ''

Cain then went outside and Jennie and Billy was left alone, and they looked at eachother, neither one knowing what would happen to them.


Meanwhile, Jeremy was waking up as well. His hands were bound behind his back and he was on his knees, unable to stand up. He had been knocked out cold sometime after being put in the army truck and he woke up to a very dark and cold room. He could see just a few feet away from him, through the faint light coming from a couple of candles, the silhouette of a man sitting in an large resting chair smoking a cigar, and Jeremy knew exactly who was in the room with him.

'' Tuco....It's you. So you ARE still alive. Fucking christ. ''

'' Indeed....but you are foolish for thinking someone like Gerard could kill me. All he managed to do....was this. ''

Tuco turned the chair around and Jeremy could see the lighting-bolt scar trail Tuco's face and how it went right through his eye. He had seen Tuco before, and somehow, he looked even more untrustworthy than he had done six months ago.

'' Tell me...Jeremy, is it? Tell me...what do you want to do? I can kill you easily right now, right here...but that wouldnt be very satisfactory...nor would it mean much in the end.. ''

'' I dont want anything from you. ''

Tuco then stood up and walked around his desk until he stood above the kneeling Jeremy who was looking down.

'' Look up at me. The floor will not speak back to you, and it's rude to not look a man straight in the eye. ''

Jeremy looked up as Tuco asked him too, but his glare was burning of hatred.

'' Fuck off, Tuco. I will...I will take that which you value most, motherfucker. ''

'' What I value most? I will tell you what that is....and just how fucking stupid that threat is. ''

'' These hands. They are what i value most. These hands bring death....control....and obediency to ANYONE under my fingers. These hands, my friend....are hands of god. You cannot hurt a god. With these, I swing my swords. With them, I can take the life of any man....With them....I can give a woman pleasure you cannot even imagine. ''

'' You are right. I cant imagine it. At all. I look like you arent even able to get it up old decrepit piece of shit. ''

'' You'd do well to not anger a God, Jeremy. Besides....I'am not that much older than you. ''

Jeremy spat on the floor beneath him and looked back up at Tuco with nothing but pure spite in his golden eyes.

'' A God? Yet you wear such a ugly scar. You say you are God...but God's face is not broken. It is NOT A FUCKING MASK! A God...cant be hurt. You are just some old weak bastard who is playing a false god to....a bunch of degenerates. I pity you. ''

Tuco exhaled smoke from his nostrils and he then threw the cigar onto the floor as he knelt down and grabbed ahold of Jeremy's chin. He forced him to look back up at him and Tuco smiled back, no anger in his eye whatsoever.

'' By that logic, Gerard plays the role of false god as well, friend. Has he also not a scar like this? Does he not try to act as if war doesnt exist and eternal peace is possible, when his own face shows that it doesn't? He himself is nothing but a great big lie, and he knows it...and I know it. Tell me wrong if you can. ''

Jeremy didnt know how to respond and decided to keep his mouth shut for now. Tuco then let go and moved back over to the desk as he began pouring something up in two glasses.

'' I thought as much. Now...Here. Take this. It's tequila from the town i grew up in as a boy. ''

Jeremy violently shook his head and made Tuco lose grip of the glass, causing it to fall into the floor and spilling out every single drop. Tuco sighed and looked into the empty glass.

'' You know how hard it is to get this stuff anymore? ''

'' Go to hell. I WILL kill you, Tuco. It wont be Gerard...It wont be some random bullet. It'll be me, and I'll tear you limb from fucking limb. You can try, but you cant make me fear you. I see what you really are...A demon. You dont deserve to live in this world...No..You deserve FAR worse. ''

Tuco didnt seem to care and was humming on some melody Jeremy did not know. When he suddenly stopped, he looked down at Jeremy and smiled devishly.

'' I'll play your game then. You said...You'll take what I value most? Alright. But then I will take yours as well. Because I like to give my opponents a fair game. ''

He poured up another shot and began to sip it as he calmly spoke back to Jeremy.

'' I hear your daughter is very pretty, a bit rough round the edges...but nonetheless, very pretty.....And I have been looking for a new wife...I cant make use of she is Cain's toy now, and not my type...and that girl with the hat...well...I cant imagine the men are being very gentle right now with her. When they are done, there'll be nothing left. ''

Jeremy suddenly lashed out, and Tuco smiled as he knew he had hit Jeremy's weakpoint.

'' You'll never get her.... ''

Tuco patted his shoulder, but Jeremy shook his hand off.

''  Do not worry....That child that is in her womb...I will give her many more. And then when I have a healthy son...Or 5 or 6....capable of inheriting all of what I have created.... ''

'' I'll personally kill her and thank her for spreading herself and accepting the seed of God. You have my word on that, Jeremy. ''

'' If you so much as lay a finger on Lucille...I'll kill yo... ''

Tuco kept sipping his whiskey as he scoffed at Jeremy's threats.

'' No..You just a few days....There will be a execution on the grounds of Paradise. We do not want to miss it....and you'll love this...I got you and me stage access. We'll be right up there WHEN it happens. Now...I have a job to do. The next time we'll talk...It'll be at the gates of Paradise.  ''

Jeremy didnt show it to him, but as soon as Tuco had left the room, he couldnt keep his tears from flowing. He cursed himself and his stupidity. Looking back..he realised Alexander had set them up....and he laughed faintly when he remembered that he had given the man the mission to keep Lucille safe. In his blind trust, he had left Lucille and Paradise with a snake in their midsts.

'' I'm sorry...Lucille....I...I cant even keep a single promise..... ''

End of chapter 27.
Chap 27: Death Row, Part 1 of 2.
his has been part 1 of Death Row.
First of all....Cain is playing mindgames on them. He goes inbetween lying and (maybe) telling the truth, all to throw Billy and Jennie offguard. For example...he IS lying about killing Aiden, as he said he killed him the day they caught him...which is bullshit since he's still alive. Aiden is not dead. Just making that super clear.
But as for the rest....who knows? Cain is lying to make them uncomfortable...and hes telling the truth to give th same result. And what is what can be difficult to discern....from their POV's, atleast.
We'll see Michelle and Jaime and a few others in part 2, as this one was really two long scenes that were somewhat similar with one being led by Cain, and one with Tuco.
Also, Billy can spot bullshit and bullshit teeth for miles away. Sherlock-tier right there.
Also, Tuco is....different. He's not the '' mocking cunt '' that Jaime is....nor is he the '' unchained crazy monster '' that Cain is.
He his own words, '' God '' and a god can act as he pleases. That is why he is so nonchalant and... ''in control''.  That s why he's a leader, alongside with what Cain says. Giving his men somewhat free reign and an illusion of complete free control means he keeps their loyalty intact.

He has a berserk button, and that....well, is disobeying him (which is what we saw happen when Jaime fucked up), or directly making him look weak. That is a part in why he is so obsessed with getting back at Gerard. Gerard took his eye AND his victory, humiliating him once.  He's not willing to go through that again.

Also, The melody he's humming is this one.
Also....Jeremy is in trouble...big trouble.
Chapter 28 will be out soon as well,'ll be a good one. Jaime will be back...and we'll see a few others.
Chapter 26: No Way Out.

They made quick progress down the road, but nothing was said for a very long time. Jennie knew it was because Billy felt uncomfortable around Jeremy. The father of his wife's killer, who he had attacked in blind rage....and now, they had to work together. The silence was broken when Jeremy began to speak to him.

'' So...Billy, right? Will we be okay? ''

'' Hmph. ''

'' Not very talkative, eh? That's fine, it's not like I'm the one that should apologise for cutting my arm. You go on brooding, son. That'll take you places. ''

It took some effort, but Billy managed to say:

'' Sorry. ''

'' There we go. That wasn't so fucking tough, now was it? ''

Michelle then interrupted him. She was wearing a black fedora and her necklength blonde hair fell down from under it. She had a kind and gentle face with an smile that rarely if ever left her face. She wore a black zip-up hoodie with the logo of a black and gold chinese dragon on the back, with an black tanktop underneath. and black jeans with red sneakers.

'' Billy will be alright, Mr Jeremy. Dont tease him. Whatever he did...he knows he did wrong. ''

'' Mr Jeremy? Kid, call me Jeremy. I dont know where you got Mister from. ''

'' But you are...Lucille' I..I guessed I should address you as such or something... ''

'', just be cool and dont treat me any different than you treat the others. I'm her father, that's all. As for you...keep your eye on that map of yours. Once we are out of the zone...and we get out into the territory that Paradise doesn't reach...Then it's time for you to get to work. ''

'' We'll be back in no time. As long as we keep it together. ''

Jeremy felt sure of himself, and there was no doubt in his words.

But he had no idea what lied ahead. If he had known...He wouldve turned right back.


'' This will change, Alexander. We will show Tuco we are not his pets. We'll bring him down....and then we can focus on rebuilding...and...continuing on our way to return this world to prosperity. I swear on my heart that I'm telling you the truth.

It was still quite early in the morning, as Gerard was looking out the window of his office and Alexander stood beside him, nodding in agreement.

'' I dont doubt it, sir. ''

Gerard then looked back at him and raised an eyebrow.

'' Tell did you do it? Why did they reveal the location to you...but not me? ''

Alexander scoffed and went to Gerar'ds desk and poured up two glasses of scotch. He handed one of them to Gerard and answered:

'' I guess it's because....forgive me sir...but you were using barbaric tactics in your interrogation. You have to appeal to them....make them trust you....and then their words will spill out like a glass of water. ''

Gerard chugged it all down in one sweep, and he didnt so much as cringe.

'' You are doing it wrong. ''

'' No. This scotch is shit. My father used to have several high brands...ones that would make your hair stand on edge. This is barely enough for a light buzz. ''

Gerard put it down and then groaned as he looked up towards the ceiling.

'' I'm....Fuck, what am I even doing... ''

'' What's wrong, sir? ''

''  It's just....I wish this never wouldve happend. I wish I wouldv'e killed Tuco back when I had the chance. Now...Now I dont know if I'll get another chance. ''

'' You just spoke that you do not doubt youll bring him down. ''

'' I..I know. I'm just...I am not sure of anything anymore. Alexander...I need to be alone to my thoughts. Go, hang out with the others. Just...leave me, okay? ''

'' As you wish, Sir. You know where I'am if you needs me. ''

He closed the door after him and sighed to himself, before a devious smile began to crack and show under his mustasche. The time to move is now, he thought. Gerard is cracking. And with him, Paradise was sure to follow. He had done his job.

Now Alexander hoped that Red Sun was doing theirs.

They had made a long way once the afternoon came down upon them, all due to Michelle and Jeremy working well as a team. In the backseat, Billy was examining the few guns they had brought with.

Jeremy then looked over his shoulder and asked Billy a question

'' Billy....Can I ask you something? ''

Billy nodded as he kept examining the guns.

'' You were there...and you heard it. Lucille's...pregnant. ''

'' Now...I know what she did...and I'm not excusing her for it....but....I want you to promise wont hurt her. Lucille made a mistake...and that's on her....but you do not have to be the cog that repeats history. ''

He put the gun down and looked down into his clasped hands.

'' I promise. But that doesnt mean I forgive her. I will not lay a hand on her or on your grandchild....but you cant expect me to just let what she did be a by-gone. ''

'' I didnt. I'am not stupid, Bill. I'm just glad you are at your senses. I imagine you've done some dumb stuff in your past....well, with a face like that, you HAVE to. But even an idiot can mend his ways. ''

Michelle then went for the glovebox and as she opened it, she had a look on surprise and confusion painted on her face.

'''s not here. There's no radio. Where the fuck....He said there would be a...What the fuck is going on.... ''

Jeremy then made a wave with his hand, shushing everyone as he stopped the truck in the middle of the street.

'' Everyone....shut up now...I'm shutting the engine off. ''

'' Wh.. ''

He turned the key and let the engine cool down.

'' Shush. Not a sound. Listen. ''

They could hear an rumbling coming nearer and nearer. An engine, but it didnt sound like any regular engine. It was almost painfully deafening and the car from which it came could not be seen yet.

'' I know that engine. That sound...there is no mistaking who is driving.....Cain....fucking bastard....They are right around the corner. Take our your guns. ''

And right he was, because Cain's Nova came around the corner. He parked it so that it blocked the street and Jeremy quickly went for the key as Billy told him to hurry up:


'' Kuh....It's no use....They got the back covered...look. ''

He looked towards the street the had come from, and a large military truck was covering their way back.

Jeremy then changed gear and he pushed down on the gas, revving the engine and Michelle looked at him, shaking her head in disagreement.

'' We cant....This isn't a battering ram. ''

'' It's the only thing we have.....besides...I trust in this thing to be able to take down atleast Cain. We are going back...but we arent going back emptyhanded. ''


Jeremy pushed down on the gas and went towards the Nova, no intention of stopping. Cain opened the door and went out of it, and he began to walk towards the speeding truck and he was making a swirling motion with his indexfinger as he came closer. As soon as he stopped, a gunshot hit the right backtire of the truck, and it tore a large chunk of the rim itself out with it along with turning the tire to shreds. The truck began to lean down as Jeremy realised the back tire was all but completely gone.

Jeremy pushed down on the brakes as hard as he could on the remaining 3 wheels, and managed to stop it without flipping it over or hitting Cain.

Cain then whistled and the army truck that had blocked the other path came closer, and out of the alley's, more men began to show up.

'' Step out of the Dodge, people. Or we'll shoot you out. Your choice. If you have any guns, I advise you to leave them be. Shooting your way out is an early death waiting to happen. ''

They all came out and held their hands up in the sky, guns in holsters, and Cain looked at them in amazement and surprise.

'' Well, i'll be damned. It's mister Big Man. Long time no see. I didnt expect to see YOU here. Now....what are you folk doing so far from home? Sightseeing? ''

'' Fuck you. ''

'' That's not very nice of you....big man. ''

'' But I'll let slide....Now...what to do with ya'll....we COULD kill you lot....or we can.....hmm....No...I got an idea infact... ''

Cain was pacing along, walking around the truck to look at everyone and once he came back to the front, he lit up as if he had something on his mind.

'' I heard about Eva. I heard about the duel that cost her her life. Now...I want to give you that sporting chance as well... ''

Cain then signaled the soldiers to lower their guns, which confused everyone.

'' So...face me...big man. No guns this time around. life or death. ''

One of the soldiers spoke out his mind, causing Cain to look back at him with redhot fury.

'' But, Boss, wont that go against what Tuco said...We needed hostage....!! ''

Cain then went up to the man and without any warnning, he'd pushed his thumbs into the eyes. The man screamed in pain and terrified shock as his thumbs went further and further in, until Cain pulled out his fingers and suddenly grabbed ahold of his neck and with swift but strong move, he snapped the man's neck, and the limp body fell to the floor weightlessly.

'' Now...any MORE disagreements? No? I thought so. I WILL give them this chance....and if anyone disagrees....then I'll kill them just as I did with him. I'am your commander. You need to TRUST in your commander's abilities. ''

'' They need to be able to trust that you wont kill them on a whim, Cain. ''

Cain laughed at him, but nobody laughed with him, not that Cain seemed to mind much.

'' Still got that attitude, hmm? By the way....big man...what's your name? ''

Cain walked forward towards him and opened up his arms as if welcoming him to strike.

'' I'll tell you when you...are... ''

Billy then landed a strong and lightning-fast kick to Cain's abdomen, which pushed him back and brought him to his knees. Cain began to rip off the bandages covering his mouth, and once he had done so, he threw up. The strike had hit exactly where he had planned.

'' ..Dead. ''

Billy looked back down at Cain who was still on his knees, wheezing.

'' Is that all, Cain? I heard you were supposed to be fearsome....Get up. And...stop wheezing. I know for a fact that didnt hurt you like you want me to think. ''

'' Keh-kuh..huh...huhuhuhuhaHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA! ''

Cain punched the ground as he laughed loudly and then stood back up as if no harm had been done. He brushed off the viscuous liquid that had trailed down the corners of his mouth and smiled.


Cain then went straight for Billy, trying to strike him with fast punches, but Billy parried most of his strikes, the ones that hit not enough to wound him in any real way.

'' Now....Let's not drag this out....big ma...!! ''

Cain was defenseless against the full force of Jeremy tackling him in the chest from his blind side, and for a second, it looked as if he was shooting away like a rocket through the air, until he crashed into the pavement on his back.

'' Jeremy, I'm handling this...stay back. ''

'' As if. You are just avoiding him. He said it himself. Life or death. For him....pick the latter. I only went in to make you realize that, kid. ''

Cain had begun to cough up blood on impact which caused a couple of his comrades to run towards him to give help, but he quickly sat back up on his own and cracked his neck side to side. He moved his hand across his chest and pushed inwards to feel what had taken damage.

'' That's a! I'M FUCKING LOVING THIS! I knew Paradise had some people worth their mettle...but this is...Oh fuck me, this is fun.... ''

Once more, he went back up as if nothing had happend. He however didnt try to attack Billy. And for a brief moment, there was no sound in the air. Just a gentle breeze.

'' But unfortunatly....Fun's over. A shame it didnt go out with a... ''

Billy knew what he was gonna do and went for his Beretta but Cain was much quicker on the draw than Billy and:


Billy yelled out as the bullet went through his left thigh and he fell onto his knees, Jennie tried to run up to him in an attempt to protect him, but she was soon stopped when an rifle hit her in the back of her head.

Jeremy stood down and Michelle put her hands up and Cain laughed at how quickly they had given up.

'' We are bringing them all back alive. Tie them up....and as for this old fuck.... ''

Cain looked over towards Jeremy who had been held down and a rifle was pressed against his temple. He didnt seem at all afraid however.

'' For my ribs...I'll let Tuco decide your fate. As for the others....I have some ideas what to do with them...Bag'em and put them all inside the truck. Now. ''

Before the bags were put on their heads, they all wondered what had went wrong. Who had tipped them off?

What would happen to them?

By the evening, Lucille was out in the plaza, looking down the street. Negan came out and he hadn't seen her this lost in thought before.  Over her regularShe was wearing a bedsheet over he shoulders as a cape, as the wind was beginning to blow colder, and she used it to keep herself warm.

'' Lucille....It's almost midnight. Come back inside, please. It's freezing outside. ''

'' I..I can..I cant...I..I need to make sure he comes back. ''

'' What's wrong, Lucille? You look like you are about to break down. ''

'' I...Nothing. I'm just....worried. It's...I JUST found him....I...I cant lose him...not now...Not..not fucking now. If he'd only listen to me...fucking stupid old man, why does he have to be such an idiot?  ''

'' Maybe it's just who he is. I dont think you shold worry however. Jennie and Billy are very capable....and...Michelle can handle herself as well. ''

'' You dont get it....My dad...I used to hate him. I hated him for not being able to save me....I hated....That....I HATED him. And now...Now that we finally see eye to eye again....He goes off. I'm worried because THIS is a new start...and....fuck, I dont...I dont want to even consider the thought of it just..going away as quickly as it came. ''

'' ...I..Just..fuck, I dont want to talk about it. ''

Negan pulled her close towards him and wrappd his strong arms around her. He was smiling as he leaned in so he could kiss her.

'' Lucille....I want to thank you. ''

'' For what? ''

'' When you and the others found me...I had nothing left. I had been...walking for so long....eating rats I caught....and of whatever fucking trash I could find. I had nobody...but then I met you. You turned my life upside-down...and turned it something I can enjoy. You made me want to keep on living when I was on my way to plead for someone to shoot me. ''

'' It's been...a very strange time for me these last few months. Not all the times...have been great, I think we can both agree on that....but...I...I want to thank you for everything...and I want you to know...that I'll never leave you. You wont have to worry about that atleast. ''

Lucille was happy to hear him say that, and she found herself thinking back to the day they had first met...and just how much has changed since then. She could barely believe it herself.

'' And....I may not know him that well...but if you are anything alike to him...he'll make it back. If not....I will go out in a day or so and look for him. ''

'' Negan....You dont need to..You have done enough. ''

'' I do. That's all there is to it. Jeremy is not the only one that wants to keep you safe, y'know. ''

Lucille realised finally that Negan had her father's stubborness as much as she or him had, and that no words could make him reconsider.

'' Fine then. If that is what you wanna do....then I permit you. But not until I say you can go. Are we clear? ''

'' Yes. He's fine. You'll see. Let's walk back inside. Summer is reaching it's end, I think. It's getting colder...and I dont want you catching a cold. The baby wont like it. ''

'' You think a little cold can take me or our child out? Girl or boy...The kid will have my strength. A little cold cant kill us. But...alright, let's go back inside. I want to have a good night's sleep for tomorrow...when he returns. I'm sure of it...No..I can feel it. ''

She was merely hoping that he'd be back soon. He has to come back tomorrow, she thought. He HAS to.

But she was wrong. Her father didnt return the following day. Nobody did.

Something was wrong. And she could only think of the worst.

End of Chapter 26.
Chapter 26: No Way Out.
This has been chaper not the biggest in terms of development, but It has alot of moments I liked writing.

Michelle also has an design now, and I'll be drawing it up when I have time.

Cain and Billy duke it out and Billy kicks Cain's ass. Too bad that Cain doesnt play fair. Cain cannot feel pain as we know, but he still enjoys a good fight that is worthy of his time, which is why he's so damn happy whenever he gets hit and he knows he is actually injured from it.

And...things are not looking good for them.

Next chapter...and the one after that.....will be named Death Row, part 1 and part 2.

And they will be be....very Red Sun centric...and It's NOW that shit starts to hit the fans.


John Ludwig Ingvar Lundin
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I....i just want to say this.

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If you want to use them in a set.....or reupload them in an edited are free to do that.

Under ONE condition that cannot be broken because then i'll report you.

You need to ask me first. I will often say yes...but it's a principle. Ask me, and we are A'O-fucking-kay.
(And you need to credit me as the colorist.)

I will not look kindly upon you if you do not ask me first or credit me. You all know me, i'am a very nice, kind guy.

I'am really mad over this, and that is a first. It takes alot to anger me, but one thing that makes me go into this angry...mode of dishonesty. If you upload something you didn't make under your name....that's being dishonest. And it makes me wanna fucking punch my screen. 

Please, if you can, help me alert the admins. Help me do something to get that fucking thief off this site.

I will be glad if anyone comments or helps out. I...I know I need to calm down....i'm just...just angry right now, kay'?
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