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Axel in color by Luddeking
Axel in color
Just a lil sumthin i made for a pal asking for an avatar.

I hope he'll like it. :)
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Chapter 25: One night.

Gerard had just woken up when Alexander knocked on his door. He was barely awake and couldnt find his glasses, so he decided to just go for the door.

By the look of it, he had ran all the way up to Gerard's room, but he seemed to have something on his mind, judging by his proud smile.

'' What is it, Alexander? I...*yawwwwwn* can barely see you. I'm so tired. ''

'' Gerard...great news....The couple talked after a long interrogation session. I know where their base is. ''

Gerard suddenly seem to sprung to life and his eagerness became very palpable.

'' Tell me. ''

'' It IS the Navy base. I double-checked...It's true. ''

'' Splendid. Go tell Jennie right now. She needs to know about this. ''

'' I will. Things are beginning to go our way, son. ''

'' Indeed.  Our Heilige Lanze shall prevail. Tuco will soon be nothing but a memory. Now...go. ''

Alexander then quickly walked away and Gerard found himself smiling as he had gone. Finally, he could make his move.

It took them an hour to bring everything together, but in the plaza, alot of people had come down to hear what was going to happen.

Gerard then began to speak towards the crowd:

'' We now know where Red Sun is. Me and Alexander have decided to send out a small group to check their place out, the Navy Base...and then come back. Jennie will be in charge. ''

Jennie then went forth and took over from Gerard.

'' I want a volunteer.  I'm already taking Billy with me, as he has talents necessary for such a mission as this. I need one more however. A group of three that can move in and out quickly is better than bringing a whole 10-man squad with us. ''

Billy met eyes with Lucille for a brief moment, and he quickly looked away. Even for a moment, she had felt all of his anger shoot through her with that one glare and she felt like she shouldnt be here. But she also felt like she should do this. She wanted to help.

'' As I said...I want 1 more person to bring along. Anyone here willing to do it? Raise your hands if you oblige. ''

Negan was about to raise his hand when Lucille put it down and answered:

'' I...I can go. I... ''

She herself was then quickly silenced by Jeremy coming forth.

'' No...I'll go. Lucille wouldnt be able to handle going there. ''

'' Why not? ''

'' I'll tell you why, Negan. She suffers from Thalassophobia. She starts to panic near large bodies of water....It's....stuff happend when she was young, and she's never gotten over her fear. She cant swim, much less be anywhere near it. Right, Lucille? ''

'' Dad....I CAN handle myself. I...''

'' Lucille. Dont act like I'm an idiot. You know you cant handle being close to water. I have seen how you you lose your cool. It's one of the few things that can make you panic. That shit will get you killed during a mission such as this. ''

'' So....I will go. Red Sun is dangerous. I wouldnt let her go head-on into their base...not..not now. I'm not letting my daughter nor my grandchild go through such a risk. And I'am the best mechanic here. If the car goes out, you'll need me. ''

Jennie widend her eye in surprise at his words and the others looked on in confusion as well. Jennie then sighed and let them speak, not willing to break up their conversation.

'' Dad....You dont have to worry....I ca..I'm not afraid. ''

'' Lucille. First of all,  I told you to dont treat me like i'm stupid. You started sweating nervously at the damn mention of the river. You are NOT going. That's fucking it. I wont hear you saying otherwise. If it goes to shit? One bullet, and you and my grandchild are dead. I cant take that. I wont let that fucking happen.  ''

Lucille was gettig more and more frustrated and it seemed as if she was going to punch her father.

'' Dad....I..I cant let you...Just fucking dont go. Jesus fucking christ, listen to me! ''

'' *sigh* You know me, Lucille. You cant make me think otherwise. You have my stubborness, and I'am proud of that, but you should know that stubborness gets even greater with age. I'am 30 years older than you, honey. I'm going. That's the end of it...Besides....I got Jennie and mister Knife-happy with me. I trust them to know what they are doing. And if you are a need to know to put trust in people. Trust that we'll be safe, and we'll be. ''

Michelle then suddenly raised her hand up, which surprised everyone.

'' I..I'm going as well. I grew up in DC. I know some shortcuts we can take...and I'am the best map-reader in our entire shin-dig. Is it alright...Jennie? I know you only wanted 3....but I can help. I really can. ''

Jennie nodded towards her and looked back at Lucille who was reluctant to say what she was about to say to her father.

'' I...Fine. Go. But you better fucking come back. ''

He hugged her and whispered to her:

'' I will, honey. Daddy will be safe. Just trust me. ''

Lucille wanted to believe his words, but something wouldnt let her. She did her best to hide it however, and even Negan believed Jeremy had actually convinced her completely.


During the rest of the day, not much happend. People were mostly relaxing or doing their usual chores.

Nicole on the other hand was just about done as the evening began to come down over Paradise.

She felt a tap on her shoulder and she heard a whispere:

'' Honey....I need to tell you something. ''

Jeremy's sudden appearance startled her, causing her to jump in fright.

'' Jesus, Jeremy....You cant just sneak up on me like that. You scared me half to death. ''

'' Sorry...I..I just wanted to let you know....I've been sent out to spy on Red Sun and their base...alongside Jennie and.... ''

He almost said '' The man who attacked me '' but he decided to ust say his name and Michelle's, to not worry Nicole.

'' Why? Why are YOU going? ''

'' Because I'm capable, and I wasn't going to let Lucille go. She offered to go at first, and no fucking way was I gonna let that happen. ''

'' I...Jesus, Jeremy. You dont need to do this. Anyone can go. You dont need to. ''

'' No. I'm going. I'm going to help protect our home...and my family. I cant do that sitting around working on trucks all day long. For once...I feel like I need to do my part. ''

She suddenly shouted at him, her calm and stoic tone finally being broken.

'' You DO your part EVERYDAY! You do nothing but work. Keep the vehicles in tip-top shape...and you help with anything that needs fixing. You have DONE your part already...I'm not going to let you go out there....I....I worry enough about you HERE already. Dont go. Please. ''

'' I will be back before you know it. Nicole...I have to do this. I haven't been there for my daughter too much already. I couldnt protect her when she needed it the most. I will keep her safe now. I will keep YOU safe. I wont repeat the mistakes I've done...I wont lose Lucille like I lost Claudia, Abby and...''

'' ....Maria. I...fuck. Okay, fine. Go. I cant win this argument....You are so fucking bullheaded....If you are this set on doing it. But promise me you'll come back. I cant lose you. You mean too much for me. ''

He hugged her and told her calmly:

'' You'll wont. I will be back before you know it. I promised Lucille...and I promise you. ''

She could hear the honesty in his words and she believed him.

'' Can...I sleep in your room tonight? ''

Jennie stood in his doorway, and Billy looked up from his pillow. He yawned and nodded at her.

'' You already know you can. Come on in. I cant really sleep myself anyhow. I'm thinking about tomorrow. It'll be....dangerous. ''

'' I know...but let's not worry ourselves too much. Come on...lie down and just relax. We will need sleep if we are gonna be at 100 % tomorrow. ''

She laid down beside him and looked away towards the wall. Billy then heard a soft sound, which he couldnt place what it was.

'' Jennie...what's wrong? ''

She turned around and she didnt speak, but she looked him right in the eye, and she then let her hand go towards his boxers, and they slowly went beneath them. She grabbed onto what was beneath as as she pulled the boxers to his knees. Billy sat up and was about to tell her to stop when:

'' shouldn't....what are you... ''

She pushed him down and stradled him, and she released her hold of his now hardend member. He looked up towards her and noticed that under her thick black hair, she was crying. By the sound of her voice, he couldnt tell if she was happy, sad or afraid. In truth, it might've been all three.

'' I.....I'm not your wife. I'll never be Marguerite. I'll never be that great love of your life. I realise that. I realise you'll never let the memory of her go...and I realise...that you'd much rather have her back than me in your bed. I realise that...and I dont hold none of it against you. ''

'' I know a proper relationship between us is....far away....maybe even years away. But...I do not ask to be your wife...or girlfriend...All I one night. I'am afraid of tomorrow....and I dont want to go towards hell's gates with regrets. So...that is why I...why I hope you'd be okay with....being with me...for this one night. I need to do this. If I dont...I'm gonna regret it so much in whatever damn afterlife there is. ''

'' Jennie...I... ''

'' It's too soon..isn't it? I'm...Fuck. What the fuck am I even doing.... ''

'' I...I dont want to force you into something you aren't ready for....I..I just....just..let's just get back to sleep. Forget I did this. ''

He reached up and kissed her suddenly, which caused her to push him back down and his only response was a smile, which made her completely dumbstruck. She'd expected a ''No'' and an stoic face...not this.

'' Jennie...You are right...I cant forget Marguerite....but when I see you...I do not see her. I see YOU. Never think anything other than that. You aren't her...and you dont need to try to. I...I will give you this one night. Seeing you torn up like this...hurts me.  ''

She was utterly speechless and and whilst she tried to, she wasn't sure how to respond.

'' But if we are gonna do this...I...I want you as you are. I dont want you hiding under a sad face....nor...this. ''

He untied her eyepatch with his hands and laid it on the bedrest and he brushed aside her hair, so he could see all of her face. Her scars shone a light red in the light of the reading lamp, and her brown eye shone like dark gold.

'' When with me...You dont need that anymore. Honestly...It doesnt look good on you. You look beautiful when you aren't hiding yourself. ''

'' I...oh...You aren't kidding me, are you? Oh my god...It's actually gonna happen? ''

She hid her blushing cheeks under her hands, but Billy moved them away and he then moved his hands to the clasp on Jennie's bra.

'' Why would I joke about this? ''

Billy took off her bra, and Jennie seemed to be blushing even heavier when his hands gently touched her breats, his smile suddenly vanished as she then suddenly moved backwards a bit.

'' I...I...You aren't...Is there something you dont like? I..I can put my bra back on...if you feel better that way. ''

Billy shook his head and his smile returned.

'' I just blanked out for a second...besides...If I WAS uncomfortable about any part of you...would I be like this? ''

He led her hand towards his groin and she grabbed onto him again. Somehow, he seemed even harder than before.

'' I think this answers my question for me...besides...I told you I want you as you are. You do not need to cover any part of yourself from me. You are beautiful, Jennie.

He then took one of her breasts in his strong hand and he gently bit her nipple. The suddeness made her whimper, and her grasp on him tightend.

'' Now...Lie down, Jennie. Tell me what I should do. Whatever you want to do...I'm up for it. ''

She put her free hand up towards his face.

'' No...L-Let me begin. It was MY idea. Sit on the side of the bed. ''

He did as she said, and she went down to her knees on the floor on the right to the bed. She put her hair behind her ears and shook her head.

'' It''s been a long time since i've did, I might be a bit rusty...Just...lie down...and let me try. ''

Her lips then wrapped around him and as she began to pleasure Billy, he couldnt keep himself from moaning for long. She ofcourse couldnt speak back to him, but his moans was enough for her to know to speed up. It only took a few minutes before he grabbed onto her shoulders:

'' Hnn...Hngh...You...Jenn...Jennie...Oh god...St.. ''

He managed to spit it out and she listend before he wouldv'e reached his finish.

'' Stop. Please. It's too early. ''

She stopped and looked up at him, and she stood back up and removed her panties. She took a deep breath and moved up onto the bed and then his stomach.

'' Tell me if I should slow down or anything, alright? ''

'' I will. ''

She then let out a light whimper as he entered her. As she got used to the feeling, her hips began to move in an quick rhythm.

It didnt take a long time before her moaning echoed throughout the room and Billy grabbed her hand in an attempt to make her stop.

'' Let's try to not make any noise...We dont wanna wake people up. ''

She put her hand over his mouth and she looked flustered and annoyed.  Billy wasn't sure why.

'' S...Shut the fuck up, Billy. Dont ruin this. I've been waiting for this moment for a while now...and damn it if I'm gonna care about waking any fucking body up. Got it? Keep your eyes on the fucking prize. ''

She waited for him to answer, but instead he put his hands on her waist. Despite her muscular physique and firm shapes, her skin was soft. He took in very inch of her with his eyes and he smiled.

'' Why yes, madam. Shall we pick this up where we left off...or do you want to do something...different? ''

She leaned down and kissed him as she bit his lower lip gently.

'' Just shut up and keep fucking me already. No more talk. ''

They kept going and they lost track of time and space. All that they could see of think of was eachother. In the moment they shared. Nothing else mattered. Not the war. Not all of the death. Not the memories of loved ones. They only saw eachother in their passion. All that they could hear was the other's pleasure.

Billy then began to breathe heavier and his expression went from a smile to a much more strained one.

'' I..I'm......I can't...Jennie...I'm gonn...KUHH! ''

She arched her back in the final moment of their ecstasy and let out an shrill moan of pleasure as it had finally finished. She rolled off him and lied down next to him, taking a deep breath and exhaling in relief. Her hair was even more out of control than usual, but she didnt have a shred of sadness on her, and her stonefaced demeanor was gone. All Billy could see was her one eye glimmering in the darkness, and a contempt smile that warmed him as much as it did her.

'' That was....great...Thank you. I....It was just as I hoped it'd be. ''

'' It was a pleasure. I...I'm glad we did this. I'am glad...I let you convince me. ''

'' I didn't thought you'd actually change your mind...But I'm glad you did. I havent felt this peaceful and glad to be alive since....since Emilio. And that was many many years ago now. ''

She laid her head down on his chest and she felt relaxed. His chest was sticky from sweat, but she didnt mind as she wrapped her arms around him and looked up at him.

'' Billy...Whatever happens....I am glad we did this. Hopefully....we'll be able to share many more nights in the more than friends. But it'll have to wait. We will decide where we'll go...once it is all over...right? ''

Billy then wrapped his arms under hers, binding them both in an warm hug that neitheer would let go off.

'' Yes. I promise. Once it is over...I will have made my decision. ''

They then fell asleep in eachother's embrace, happy.


It was early in the morning when Michelle knocked on their door.
Jennie who was still halfasleep at this point went and opened the door wearing her bed cover around her. Jennie opened to see that Michelle had Jeremy and Alexader with her as well, both who looked just as barely awake as Jennie and Billy was. She on the other side looked to be spry and not at all exhausted.

'' Come on now, get your asses out of bed. We are going. Put some clothes on and we'll be seeing you at the entrance. ''

They then left Billy and Jennie to get dressed and it took them bout 10 minutes to get down to the entrance.

The others had already started walking towards a Dodge Ram pickup by the street to the right of the plaza.

Michelle stopped Jennie at the door whilst Billy walked away. She chuckled as Jennie wondered what the problem was.

'' So how was it? ''

'' What was what? I dont know what you are talking about? ''

'' Jennie...Did you forget my room is like...wall-to-wall with Billy's? Kinda hard to sleep when all I hear for 2 hours is you and Billy groaning and moaning. ''

Jennie tried to keep a straight face, but her face was turning red so much nothing she could do would hide it.

'' Oh...uh...I... ''

Michelle waved her hand and chuckled. She seemed to enjoy seeing Jennie embarassed.

'' It's okay. I got some sleep afterall and I feel good. time...keep it the fuck down. I could hear your bed creaking, and the beds in the hotel aren't made of creaking material if you know what I mean, so whatever you guys did...mustv'e been really special. Dont worry though...I wont tell nobody....well...nobody who didn't hear. And I guess that might've been like....3 people in the entire hotel. So 3 people wont hear nothing about this, kay? You got my word on that. ''

'' Th...thanks...I guess. ''

'' I guys look cute together. I can see that you are good for eachother. It's also great to see Billy in such a good mood...and it's also great seeing that he's not torn up about Marguerite all the time. But seriously, fucking cutie's you are. If we put the fact that both of you aren't very attractive at all, you are like cuddly-wubbly. ''

She made a grimace towards Jennie by pushing her cheecks towards her face, pouting her lips.

'' Jebby and Bibby, sibbing ihn ah twee. K-w-i-s-s-i-... ''

Jennie flipped her off and Michelle only laughed in good will in return.

'' Oh fuck you, bitch. ''

'' Love you too. ''

Michelle then began to walk towards the pickup where the others were waiting, but Jennie told her to stop.

'' Michelle...why are you coming with us? I didnt expect you to come forth like that yesterday. I..I wanna know why. ''

'' Not much to it..Edward would've done it. I merely want to help like he would've helped. ''

'' That....and...well...we got off to an rocky start, I'm kinda getting fond of this place..and you guys. I want to help keep this place safe. Now...let's not keep the guys waiting. They are probably thinking we are getting our makeup done by the time we're taking. ''

They then both finally walked together towards the entrance of the street that Red Sun had attacked from the first time. The others were waiting impatiently by the pickup, but they quickly made it over.

Jeremy was talking with Alexander by the side, making sure everything was as it should

'' Alexander...You'll keep tabs on things here...right? Promise me you'll keep Promise me. ''

Alexander nodded at Jeremy and told them everything would be a-okay on this side.

'' If anything goes wrong, contact us on that radio, okay? ''

Alexander looked at the radio in his belt and nodded again.

'' Ofcourse. There is one in the glovebox of the pickup....dont tinker with it though. Take it out when you have gotten halfway. Then I'll mark out the time, and I can assess how long it'll take if we were to attack full-on. ''

'' We will. Stay safe. ''

Jeremy quickly went up in the drivers seat and the others got in right after him.

'' I could say the same for all ya'll. Now...get moving. You'll want to get there quickly and then even quicker back here. If they find you...just go. Dontr try to fight. Just...get back here. ''

Jeremy then waved goodbye to him as he turned the key around.

'' Okay. See you later...Alexander. ''

Jeremy then pressed on the gas and like hat, they were moving, and in a few minutes, Alexander couldnt see the truck anymore.

Alexander then went inside the empty apartment building right next to him and closed the door behind him once he found an unlocked apartment.

He then began tinkering with the radio until he found the right frequence.

'' This is Moon. Are you hearing me, Rojo? ''

There was static, but soon, a man's voice began to speak out of the radio.

* You dont need to use your codename with me...friend. And...Call me by my actual name. *

'' Very well....Tuco. ''

* That's better. Is it all going as you planned? *

'' They are moving. Tuco....Is everyone in position? ''

* Yes. Not yet...but they will be. Cain and Jaime...and their best troops. I have told them to be covering the streets you told me. Whoever you sent out...wont be coming back. Who are they, might I ask? *

'' Jennie herself...Billy...some tough guy from this new group...some young girl...and Jeremy. Our best might not sound like much...but they will be good hostages. ''

* Hostages? I never said I intended to keep hostages. *

'' ALIVE. Just...Just try to catch them alive, okay? They'll be more worth to you alive than dead. ''

* I cant promise that, but I promise to try, Cain and the others will get the heads-up as soon as i quit this call....but know this...You will be rewarded greatly for this no matter if they live or die. *

'' So my reward is still... ''

Tuco didnt spoke for a few moments, making Alexander unsure, but when he did speak, Alexander's expression quickly changed.

* Yes...I will give you what Gerard wouldnt. I will give you...Alexandria. *

Alexander smiled. They had victory in their hands, and now was the time to start grabbing for it. The sun would be covered in blood before this is over, Alexander thought to himself.

End of chapter 25.
Chapter 25: One Night.
This is one of the longest ones i've made...mostly due to it both having...well, having lots of content ofcourse, and also because i feel like ''25'' is a number to celebrate.
First of all...Yes, the sex-scene is very long...which is...well, because I did enjoy writing it. Alot of emotions between them going back and forth. I like writing those parts.
That said, sex-scenes are still somewhat uncomfortable for me to write...mostly because I try to write not be overly explicit. Hence why I try to not use...actual words for genitals and such...somehow, i just think it breaks from the mood and my writing. In cursewords, they are okay for me though. 
Jeremy is also not a man you wanna argue with. He wont give up. And he isn't lying. Lucille has severe Thalassophobia. (Fear of the sea/large bodies of water, because of her nearly drowning as a child.)
Also, Alexander is a fucking snake, he is. Never trust a man in an orange shirt. Nuh-uh. 
And Michelle is a character I've been wanting to use more..but never quite got around to it, which i've kinda regretted a few times. I have plans for her though. And I will also draw up an design for her soon, as I kinda forgot to give her an actual visual description. She'll look...different from the others, I'll make sure of that.  We'll see more of her in the future...I can say that much. chapter will be intense. Will they fall into the trap? Will they come out alive?
We'll see soon enough, haha.
Chapter 24: War is beginning.

'' Honey...Wake up. ''

Sherry opened the eye that wasn't completely bruised and was met with an sight she'd thought she'd never see again. Dwight's smile. He stood next to her bed and he was wearing a black t-shirt and tight jeans. He looked completely restored, if a bit tired.

'' You look horrible, Sherry. ''

She tried to move her right arm so she could touch his cheek, but all she felt was an numb pain going through her hand, and she looked down, seeing that her arm was in an cast.

'' Thanks for the compliment...I FEEL horrible. Like a stampede went over my head....and over the rest of me. W..where's the doc? ''

'' Nicole went for lunch, i think....or went for a nap. She's been working nonstop these past few days that...well, she needs it. She woke me up...told me to check on you. I had barely watched over you for 10 minutes before you woke up. ''

Dwight suddenly winced in pain as he sat down on the chair next to her bed.

'' Dwight, is there something wrong? ''

'''s nothing. Nicole told me I'm gonna be a bit sore for a few weeks...If I dont overexert myself, i'll be fine. ''

'' I know that feeling, sweetie. Nicole hooked me up on painkillers, eh? That's why I dont feel....quite so utterly terrible. Like...a 6 on the pain graph, 1 to 10. Without the meds, i reckon it'd be a 9. Record holder right there. ''

Dwight chuckled for a bit, even though Sherry could not smile back, her face feeling so numb and swollen that she could barely emote whatsoever.

'' Yeah, I suppose so. Do you want help sitting up? ''

'' Yeah...I cant pull myself up, not easy to push down with only one arm free. ''

He helped her to slowly sit up, but she quickly laid back down again, the pain in her stomach feeling sharp like a knife and too unbearable in longer periods of time.

'' Nicole told me about what went down. You...You didnt need to do that, Sherry. Why would you take such a huge damn risk? ''

'' Do you REALLY have to ask WHY? I did it for YOU. You wouldv'e done the same thing for me...and you know that. ''

'' Yeah...But killed someone...I...I had hoped you'd never have to.... ''

'' I did. She attacked us...and I took my chance. Still....I dont feel happy about it. Now that I look back at that last moment when I shot out her brains....I dont feel anything. Im not happy...I'm not sad. I'm just...empty. Like it didn't mean anything in the end. That said...There is no need for you to do all the dirty work. Burdens can be shared... I just...dont want you to bear everything on your shoulders... ''

Dwight didnt know what to say, but he took ahold of her free hand and held it in his own. It felt warm, and her fingers, whilst she was still weak, wrapped around his. What had been done cant be changed. All he cared about was that she was still alive.

Gerard sat down at the table. The interrogation room used to be an storage room and it was dark and cold, with very little light, only enough to make out the people inside, barely.

He looked at the woman infront of him.  Tara looked as fierce and angered as usual, but she now also had a huge bruise across her right cheek from the rifle hitting her earlier.

'' Now, I will go straight to the point....Tell me where your base is, Tara....It's Tara, right? ''

She chuckled and brought up her chained hands and flipped Gerard off.

'' Fuck off and choke on your balls. I'm not telling you shit. You think I'm jut gonna tell you nicely? ''

Gerard pushed his glasses up and kept speaking to her calmly.

'' Wrong. You are going to tell us, because you are not stupid. Because there are two ways this can go. You tell us, and live. You dont tell us, and I will personally put a bullet between your eyes. ''

'' Again...AINT. TELLING. YOU. SHI...!! ''

Gerard had let the knife in his sleeve fall into his hand and with one swift move, Gerard stabbed her right hand so roughly that it went right through like her hand was made out of butter and nailed her hand to the table. He held onto the knife as she tried to get out, but she was met with the barrel of his Mauser right infront of her eyes. Gerard still had his calm tone and he had not a shred of anger on his face. It was stoic and almost like a statue's.

'' The thing is...Tara....You and your Red Sun friends....You went too far. One attack was hardly tolerable. A second one? You really want a war, don't you? Well....the war is beginning, and we are striking back. Right... ''

He began to twist the knife around, moving it about as blood ran out onto the table.

'' ...Now. ''

Tara was sweating in panic as she yelled out:


She was met with an the handle of the Mauser hitting her between her eyes, and she fell back in her chair as her hand madea reflex move, making the knife shake, sending a shiver of pain throughout her hand.

'' Shut up. I dont want to hear you speak unless its about where Red Sun is located. Do not waste my fucking time. ''

Blood was trickling down from the gash the handle had made inbetween her eyes, and she smiled devishily through her bloodied teeth.

'' You like that, eh? Beating on women? Does it make you feel big down there, huh?  *spit* Motherfucker. ''

'' No...I do not take pleasure in what I'm doing....but...I want my son back. For him, I will do anything. You are the key to his release. Tell us where Tuco lives...and you'll be set free. That is all. ''

Tara spat on his coat and began to laugh mockingly, as to which Gerard did not even react to.

'' I'll never fucking talk. I'm no fucking snitch. Go shove your cock where the sun don't fucking shine, you cock-suck...!! ''


Gerard then grabbed her hair and slammed her head into the table, and in his other hand, he held his Mauser aimed at her head. She didnt seem afraid however, and merely kept laughing at him.

'' You are just a worthless runt to him. You think Tuco cares that you are gone? You have NOTHING to gain from hiding anything from us. You wont return to Red Sun.  We wont let you. So..JUST  TELL us. ''

'' P..Piss off already.

'' Tell me...NOW. As I said before...You have TWO ways out of this. Out that door....OR....Out through a fucking window with a bullet in your fucking eye. Pick one, and I hope for your sake it's the fucking first one. ''

'' I'll die before I tell you... ''

'' As you fucking wish then. I've had enough of this. ''

The door opened up and Alexander went in to stop Gerard, yelling out to him.


Gerard didnt even look over towards him, focusing on Tara and his gun throughout their conversation.

'' Stay out of this, Alexander. I'am in control of this. ''

'' No, you aren't. Besides, I'am supposed to handle these interrogations, you said so yourself. Now calm the fuck down and put your gun down. You might be the boss around here, but I wont let you do this. Get out and let me handle this. ''

Gerard then holstered his gun and let go of Tara's hair. He then looked over at Alexander and nodded.

'' Very well. Do as you wish, but do not give her food or water. The same goes for the others. Until they talk, they do not get anything. Once they give us anything at all....I will give them anything at all.  ''

Gerard grabbed his cane that laid next to the table and walked out the room and towards the stairs. He stopped as he was met with Jennie coming up.

'' Master, I wanted, with the interrogati.. ''

'' It's been dealt with. Alexander is interrogating one of them right now. If she doesnt speak...That meek little couple surely will. Anyhow..I'm glad to see you again. You werent there when they attacked...Where were you? ''

'' I..I was asleep, sir. I'm sorry for not being ther.. ''

'' It's alright...Jennie...once we find out where Red Sun is....I want you and a few others to go look it out. Your judgment is the one i trust and value the most, so I will let your pick out anyone you want to go with you. Will you do that for me? ''

'' Ofcourse. I will have to tell Billy later. ''

'' You trust him. ''

Jennie was not sure why he brought it up. She knew he knew Jennie had been spending time with Billy, but his tone was like a stranger to her. He sounded cold. Distant.

'' He hasn't given me any reason not to. ''

'' I suppose so. But there's more than that, isn't there? You are fond of him. ''

'' Where are you going with this? ''

'' I want you to be happy. If you are falling for him...I'am more than rejoiced about it. But we are in a war now. ''

'' So? ''

Jennie felt uncomfortable. It felt as if Gerard was forcing her to spill her secrets, but she didnt know why. It was like it isn't him. Gerard wouldnt act like this.

'' So I want to be sure you are focused. Forgive the example, but I cant trust your judgment if your one eye is only on him, and not on the victory we have to achieve. That will get you both killed. ''

She suddenly raised her tone towards him, only realising it after she'd spoken, yet he did not take offense to it.

'' You telling me to stop caring about him? The fuck is wrong with you? ''

'' I didnt say THAT. I'm saying there is more at stake here than affection. Love wont mean shit if you arent alive at the end to grab it. If you let your feelings get in the way, guess what? You'll get both him and you killed. And then feelings wont matter anymore. ''

'' The people here need you. I need you. I need to know where your priorities lie. ''

'' I...I understand. I... ''

She nodded towards him, but she didnt look him in the eye.

'' I'm with you. I'll..I'll stop. I'll tell Billy later. ''

'' Very well. Now...I need some rest. See you later, Jennie. ''

He turned around and walked down the stairs as she was alone to her thoughts.

(I'm sorry, sir....But I have already made my choice. I hope you'll understand.)

Jennie then turned towards the stairs again and she decided to walk back to Billy's room. She couldnt lie to herself, and she knew that her feelings for Billy was real. Letting those feelings go would be a lie. She could never do it, it'd go against her entire being.

Nicole was in the dining area, almost finished with her plate of beef-stew. She was the only one in there, as everyone else had already eaten hours before. She wasn't sure where Jeremy was, but she came to the conclusion that he's probably where he always is. Working.

'' Hi...Room for one more? ''

Nicole looked over her shoulder and saw the punker-girl she had seen earier. The girl she now knew was Jeremy's daughter.

'' Yeah, ofcourse. ''

She nodded and pointed towards the chair next to her. Lucille sat down and leaned back on the chair.

'' I'm Nicole by the way. Jeremy must've told you about me...Lucille. ''

'' already...know? ''

'' Yes. I havent seen him as happy as he was when he told me you were alive. Now that I look at you...I can seen the resemblance. You got the same eyes. I'm happy that you are alive. It makes him happy, and that's all that matters to me right now. ''

'' So...Lucille, tell are you feeling? Medically, I mean. You look a bit tired. ''

'' I..I feel good, all things considered. I..I have been under alot of stress earlier....heck...I got a heartattack and pneumonia to boot when it was most dire....But I feel fine now....even in this situation, war around the corner and all. ''

'' Heartattack? You have an heart-problem? ''

'' No...not really. Just...overexhaustion. But...I'm trying to take it slow for now....well...for US. ''

Lucille touched her stomach gently for a moment, and Nicole understood what she had meant.

'' Us? You mean....oh. I see. How long has it been? ''

'' I dunno....a few days. A couple of weeks. I dont recall too well. All I know is that it's still a long way til I'm too big to do my part. I can still help in the days to come. And...yeah, Dad already knows. Told him earlier today. He...he was quite happy about it. He's back down working now though. I think he's gonna tell you later about to act surprised, and like we havent met. He doesnt like it when a surprise is ruined.  ''

'' Oh, I know that. And...Well, when it is time...I will gladly help in delivering the child. You needn't worry about that. ''

'' Uh...I gotta ask though...Shouldnt someone be down in the infirmary? Couldnt someone get worse whilst you are here? ''

'' Yes...but then again, I'm not the only one with medical knowledge here. If I'm not there, someone is. Besides....If I overwork, I am useless as a doctor. It'll make me sloppy, tired. So I try to give myself a moment or so every day where I can relax. Keeps me from falling over dead from exhaustion. ''

'' Lucille....promise me you'll take care of yourself. Not just for you. Not just for the child. But for Jeremy. He was almost beyond saving once. Now that he has you back...he is getting better. If he loses you again....He can't take it. So..please. Dont do anything dangerous. Promise me. ''

Lucille at first didnt wnt to answer. She barely knew Nicole, but she had a point. Everything she'd be doing now would be much more dangerous. Something more important than herself was in her care. Her body. One misstep, and everything could be gone. So she said:

'' Yes. You have my word. I will not do anything dangerous. ''

But Lucille knew better. Nicole knew better. They just wouldnt say it.

Lucille was her father's daughter through and through, and Nicole knew Jeremy was hotheaded and prone to making decisions on a whim. She thought that Lucille must be just like her father, doing what they feel must be done, no matter the cost.

And she was right.


As night had fallen over Paradise and everyone was asleep, one man was still awake outside.

Negan was sitting out on the stonesteps to the hotel, looking up at the stars when he heard a voice behind him.

'' You couldnt sleep, kid? Girlfriend keeping you up at night, hehe? ''

Alexander Davidson sat down next to him and gave him a smile that Negan couldnt see if it was genuine or false under his thick mustasche.

'' Not your business, old man. Piss off. ''

'' Whoa there, kid. Just asking an question mano-a-mano....Although now that I think about it...I guess it came out wrong. My apology. ''

'' No need to apologise....I cant sleep because I slept pretty much the entire day. My day-cycle is shot to fuck. Makes me grouchy, i guess.. ''

'' That sucks, kid. Want an cigarette? Should keep your senses up for a lil bit atleast. ''

He handed Negan an cigarette and lit it for him. He then lit one up himself and inhaled deep before making many smoke rings.

Alexander then asked Negan a question that Negan himself wasnt too sure of the answer:

'' What do you think will happen? At the end of all this? ''

'' I...I dont... ''

'' It's okay, kid. I know it's a tough question....but you wanna know my take on it? My opinion is....that...We....are fucked. ''

'' Nice way of saying it, old man.  ''

'' Nice does not go into it. The thing is...Negan, right? Okay, the thing have to be heartless to win this thing. That is why I'm afraid for Paradise's survival. Gerard sometimes wishes he was heartless for the sake of decisions...but he is NOT heartless. He cant make the decisions that leads to victory, because he still clings to his feelings. Tuco knows what to do in a situation such as this. ''

'' It almost sounds like you fucking support him. ''

Alexander inhaled deeper and then flicked the cigarette away before exhaling one last ring of smoke.

'' Haha, no, no...I would never. That man has killed many of my friends and he's pure evil, no question about it. Not one part of me agrees with what he does. I only see...that as of now, he holds all the cards, even if we got some of his men captive. We need more than finding out where he lives to take him and his group down. ''

'' You got any ideas then, old man? On how to beat them? ''

'' Nah. Hit them at their weakspots when they show them...that's all I can think off, really. But they are weakend now...even if by a little. Eva was one of their top enforcers, so her death has to have some effect..... ''

'' And another thing, boy....Say hello to the miss'us for me. It's the punk-chick, right? Lucy...Lucine... ''

'' Lucille. Yeah, I'll tell her you said hello. ''

'' Marvelous. Well, time for bed. See you around, Negan. Tomorrow, maybe we'll get somewhere. This war can still be won. Remember that, boy. ''

Negan wasn't sure why, but something about Alexander frightend him. The fact that as much as he tried, he couldnt place him.

But he left that thought behind, not wishing to get paranoid, this world had given him enough of that already. All he hoped for the morning was that it'd be a nice and calm day.

But he knew that it was war now. Every moment could change quickly into death and despair.

End of Chapter 24.
Chapter 24: War Is Beginning.
This...well, is a build-up chapter for the future chapters to come. Not too long, but it has more than a few moments.
Gerard...well, is starting to have just about enough of Red Sun...and it's changing him, slowly by surely. He's colder, more angry....more prone to outbursts.  If he himself is aware of this...well, it's not meant to be clear as of now.
Dwight makes his comeback from coma-ville and It's a glad reunion for me and the characters. I've missed writing him.
Next chapter will be longer and...well, have quite a few moments that could both b expected and unexpected. One scene in particular being one I've been waiting to write..and which might take some time doing, but it'll get done soon enough.
I cant go into detail just yet...but it'll be good.

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Chapter 23: Rattlesnake.

Jennie opened her one eye, yawning loudly as she turned around and looked at Billy.  Due to the heat, She had taken off her clothes apart from her bra and underwear, and likewise, so had Billy.

He wasn't wearing an shirt under the cover. Jennie pulled it down a bit and Jennie looked at his bare chest. It had a small layer of chesthair over it, but most of all, she saw a great number of scars. Bullets, knifewounds. Some so faint they must've been many years old, and some that looked relatively new. She wondered just how much he had seen, how much pain he has had to deal with. He had opened up to her, but it still felt like she barely knew anything about the man.

She then gently let her hand move across his bare chest, trailing the scars with her fingers. She did it soft enough that he wouldnt wake up.

She then gave him a kiss on his unscarred cheek, and he opened his green eyes.

'' What time is it....? ''

She scoffed and put her arms behind her head on the pillow.

'' I dont know....We slept for...more than a day though. You looked so peaceful that I didnt want to wake you up...and....well, We kinda slept through that one as well...and now...Heck, I think we slept for more than 2 days. ''

'' I heard something outside yesterday....but I decided to stay here....It feels....nice, y'know? Just relaxing for a while. ''

She then let her fingers trail his chest slowly and gently.

'' If...If you want....We could...Y'know...I can make you feel good... ''

She was blushing lightly underneath her thick black hair, and her hand went towards his groin, but she retracted her hand quickly and looked away, shaking her head.

'' Ah....Sorry, I know, I know...Too soon. I..Sorry for even bringing it up, It's not the time. ''

Billy touched her chin with his fingers and she looked over to him.

'' You dont need to excuse yourself. I'm not in the mood today....and I still need some time...but..I care about you, Jennie. You dont need to feel uncomfortable with me. ''

'' Thank... ''


'' Who is it? ''

She put on her tanktop and opened the door. It was Michelle, who by the look of her face, seemed to have something on her mind.

'' I just wanted to sa...Whoa. What happend to your...eye? ''

Jennie realised she had forgot her patch and quickly put her left hand over her eyesocket so she wouldnt disturb Michelle.

'' What happend, Michelle? ''

'' We were attacked. Red Sun....but we overwhelmed them this time. We took them all down no problem. Well...almost. ''

'' Sherry decided to fight the leader of the attackign group...some pale bitch with odd eyes... ''

'' Eva. Cain's little BFF. What of her? ''

'' It was....Just hard to watch...Sherry won...and the Eva bitch is dead but....Billy, Sherry is in a bad shape. The doc said she's not sure she'll make it out. Also, we got a few prisoners. Gerard said something bout interrogating them later...That is why I came to pick you both up. ''

Billy sighed and stood up from the bed. He proceeded to get dressed as he spoke to Michelle.

'' I'am sorry we couldnt participate...We didnt know anything was going on. When you go back, please tell him how sorry we are. ''

'' It's okay, We handled it....but...uh...Were you two...doing the...Did I interrupt something? ''

Jennie shook her head and smiled. Michelle sighed in relief, glad that the situation was not as awkward as she thought it was.

'' No. Tell Gerard I'll help him with the prisoners soon. ''

Once Michelle had walked away, Jennie looked back at Billy before walking out of the room alone.

'' Billy...Would it be okay if I came to your room tonight as well? Your bed....well, It feels good to not sleep alone. You can stay here and relax...but I need to go to Gerard now...Just...Just think on it, okay? ''

'' Ofcourse. My door is always open for you. ''

She closed the door behind him and smiled as she leaned up against it. She whispered to herself.

'' One day, Billy...One day. I'll be there when you feel ready. ''


Lucille woke up in their room and looked over at Negan. He had fallen asleep as soon as they had finished. He was barely on the mattress as Lucille rolled him over. She kissed him on his forehead as she tucked him in.

She then put on her clothes and walked out of the room, and she saw that the sun in the sky was shining bright through the windows. It was barely noon yet, so not many people were awake.

She began to walk towards the stairs when she saw her father coming up from them.

'' Dad! ''

She ran over and hugged him. After the terror she saw the day before, she was glad to see his face again.

'' Slept well? You look wellrested, Lucille. ''

'' Thanks...I...I feel fine. Just...alot to take in. Sherry's wounded and who knows what else could happen...What bout you? ''

'' I was just walking round.....Come with me, Lucille. It'd be nice with some company. ''

She complied and followed him as they went through the halls.
Jeremy suddenly broke the silence and stopped Lucille once they were at the windows looking out over the city and plaza.

'' Who is that Negan fella anyway? ''

'' We...we... ''

She blushed for a sec and Jeremy quickly got what she was about to say.

'' Ah....I see....Well...damn it, that's awkward. ''

'' Why? ''

'' I...Uh....I kinda told him I'd kill him when he was snooping around. I..Shit, Now I feel like an fucking asshole. ''

'' It's okay, he knows who you are. He knows you didnt mean it and... ''

Lucille shook her head and pulled him over towards the windows as she took a deep breath. Jeremy looked at her with confusement written all over him.

'' Dad...This...this will be somewhat of a shock for you...but....I.. ''

'' You are gonna be a grandfather... ''

Before she could react, Jeremy had hugged her and held her tight towards him. He lifted her off the ground and spun her around in the hug before she told him to stop.

'' Easy there, are gonna break a fucking rib or two on me. Wont be good for the kid. ''

He stopped and let her go, and he walked over to the window and looked out towards the sky.

She could see that he was tearing up under his unkempt mane of hair and for the first time in many years, she saw him genuinly smile.

'' This...This is unbelievable....I...Oh my god... ''

He began to cry, but there was no sadness behind them. Just happiness and a loud genuine laughter.

'' I knew it would all come around. For all the shit this world has brought us....this happens. Maybe there is still some hope out there to grasp. ''

'' Yeah...maybe. I want to think so. I..It's still alot to take in.  ''

'' Is he good to you? ''

'' Yeah. He is nothing like Bernie. I dont plan on making that mistake again. Negan is a teddybear, but he can speak his mind when he needs to. He'll be a good dad when the time comes. ''

'' You got a name for the baby? ''

'' No...It's barely been a few days since I found out. I'm not at that point yet. ''

'' Well....I know you'll pick a good one....or well..I used to know. You used to have good taste afterall. ''

'' Used to? What the fuck does that mean? ''

'' Before you decided to go all 70's Punk. That is what I meant. You used to have style, now you walk around in....i mean, that tanktop is hardly practical or goodlooking. It's like you want men to stare at you. Where is your decency? ''

She chuckled, glad that he still cared about her, and that his way of pointing out things he felt was off about people was still intact.

'' Says you, mister I-dont-know-what-a-fucking-razor-is. If mom could see you now, she'd tell you to get a fucking tri... ''

Lucille sighed and put her hand up and asked him to forgive her.

'' Sorry, I shouldnt mention her...I dont want to bring up old wounds....Forgive me. ''

'' It's okay, honey. She was your mother...and my wife and the mother of all my daughters.. It would be a dishonor to her to never mentioning or remembering her. ''

'' Alright, dad. ''

'' The people in your group...they good people? Negan seemed...kind. Kind, if a bit bullheaded. And as for the others....well, I already met your friend Billy...Nice man. If a bit sharp at the edges. ''

He looked at his bandage and chuckled in an attempt to laugh it off, but Lucille didnt return it. She somberly began to speak of what had happend.

'' Yeah....I....Billy means well. It' fault that he is as he is. His wife....she did some stuff, that we couldnt look past...and she got put up for trial...and....something snapped. I killed her with my baseball bat and....he saw it happen. He hasn't been himself since. I didnt mean to...I just...I lost control. ''

'' You already heard what I said to him. It's your burden to bear. We make mistakes and we have to live with them, as they give us experience. You know that. ''

She remembered his words and she knew this was all the support in this situation that she was gonna get from him. Mistakes build character, she thought to herself.

'' Yeah...I do. And the others...well, they are nice. Connor is a decent enough guy...with rough edges...Dwight is....Dwight. Hard to place him at times. Sherry...She is a tough bitch. She just doesnt look it at first. I was on the verge of putting a gun in my mouth...and she told me straight. She has moxie. I only hope she pulls through. ''

'' Yeah...I heard what happend. These Red Sun bastards....I'd like it if they could just fuck off...but Tuco is not that simpleminded. I met him when we all fought over Paradise...The man is an vile despicable shit of a man. He appears kind, but he is the scum of scum. Trust me on that, Lucy. ''

'' I am. ''

'' But enough about that...seriously, dad. Dont diss my fashion sense when you are wearing a shirt out of a Romance novel. A man-on-man one. ''

Jeremy laughed and gave her a pat on the shoulder.

'' I dont remember my daughter having this much attitude. You've changed, Lucille....You really have. ''

'' You too, dad. You too. ''

They both then looked out towards the sun and Lucille couldnt feel but worry. It felt too serene. When something feels too good to be true, chances are it is, she thought to herself.

It had taken them the entire night but Jaime smiled as he saw the gates to Red Sun open. It was an early noon, and the weather was the best it had been in ages.

As soon as he and the others walked in however, there was a silence in the air and everyone that was outside was looking at them.

Jaime didnt seem to care until he suddenly heard Cain's voice. He looked over his shoulder and saw Cain come towards him, and he was demanding an answer.

'' Where is she? ''

'' She...she didnt make it back.....We barely made it back alive ourselves... ''

Cain looked at Jaime, his exposed eye frozen in it's widend confused state.

'' I'm sorry, man. But....She didnt suffer long...We are the only ones left. I saw them all die...even the wolves...It was...It was horrible. We underestimated them... ''

Cain sighed and Jaime and the others left him at the gates, Jaime feeling quite relieved at how well Cain had taken it.

'' Yo, Jaime. You said everyone died, right? Even Eva's wolves? ''

Jaime stopped in his tracks as soon as he heard his voice and he could feel Cain looking down towards him.

'' Then explain THIS!! ''

The howling of wolves sounded throughout the HQ and Jaime turned around slowly to face Cain.

Jaime looked on at the two black wolves that stood behind Cain. Cookie and Rose had found their way back, and Jaime cursed their existence in his mind.

Cain unsheathed his machete swiftly and before Jaime could move, he had it pressed against Jaime's throat. Jaime gritted his teeth and looked at Cain, not sure if he was serious.

'' Jaime, You forgot that I'm Texas-born. When I was very little, my papa used to own this thing about us Texans is that after hearding so many fucking cows and buffalo for years and years on fucking end, we can smell bullshit for fucking miles. You reek of it. Now....answer me honestly.... ''

He gently let the machete graze his skin, making a small cut that blood seeped out of and onto the blade.

'' You left her behind, didn't ya? Was it because you hated her?  ''

Jaime snickered and rolled his eyes and began to speak back to him, as if he was trying to rub what he had done in Cain's face.

'' So what if I fucking did? Does the scary rattlesnake actually have a fucking heart in that chest of his? How fucking cute. ''

Cain drew back his machete and instead delivered a righthook towards his teeth, knocking him off his feet and causing him to fall onto the ground.

Cain held the machete up ready to bring it down when Jaime told him to reconsider.

'' You'd do best in dropping that fucking knife of yours. Tuco will fucking kill you if you harm me. ''

'' Like you'd care. You'll be dead then. Now tell me....why. Why did you leave Eva behind? ''

''  I dont have to tell you, you motherfucker. ''

'' WRONG answer!! ''

Cain stopped his swing as soon as he heard Tuco yelling out to them. Tuco was wearing one of his swords on his hip and his dresscoat and his regular clothes.


'' Jaime Eva and the others died...including her wolves. He said he saw it with his own eyes....yet...well, you can see for yourself. I'am gonna fucking kill this lying piece of shit. ''

'' No, you wont. Put your blade down, or I'll cut off the hand that wields it. ''

Cain put his machete back in it's sheath, but Cain's widened wrathful eye remain fixated on Jaime like the sun in the sky.

'' Jaime...did you leave her behind? Did you? ''

Jaime suddenly dropped his confident persona and Cain could see the fear in his eyes as Tuco's one brown eye glared down at him.

'' N..No sir, I di.. ''

'' DONT FUCKING LIE TO ME, JAIME. I'm haflblind, not dumb. I have two brainhalves, unlike you, you dumb fucking piece of shit.  DID. YOU. LEAVE. HER. BEHIND?! ''

Jaime was shivering in fear before he answered.

'' Y...yes. I did. ''

Cain then began to walk away towards one of the M939 Truck's parked near the gate.

He put a couple of his fingers in his mouth an he made the same whistling sound that Eva used to do. The wolves began to follow him and he opened up the tarp of the truck  which they then  jumped up into and then he quickly walked up to the cab. He looked back towards Tuco and the others asthey looked at him wonderingly.

'' I'm going for a drive. If anyone follows me, I will kill them. Are we all fucking clear? ''

'' Cain, I haven't said you could leave. ''

Cain gave Tuco one last look before getting into the truck. The anger radiated from his eye like hellfire.

'' Tuco....go fuck yourself. ''

As he drove off, Tuco made no attempts to stop him, and he  soon disappeared out of the gate and out of everyone's sight.

'' Why aren't we fucking stopping him, boss? He's out of line! ''

Tuco looked back down at the angered Jaime and merely scoffed at his words.

'' You said it yourself...He's a rattlesnake. A snake always bites back. Just as surely as the sun rises and sets. You on the other hand...You are the one out of line. Your talent is needed in the coming days so i wont kill you..nor will I harm your eyes....but you let Eva and all of the people she brought with her die. Your lie proves that. That cant go unpunished, no matter how valueable you are. ''

Tuco pulled forth from under his coat his sawn-off shotgun and pointed it towards Jaime's mouth. Tuco was smiling before he passed judgement, and at the same time, Jaime's confident smile was gone, replaced with an mask of fright. Jaime got confused when Tuco then pulled back his shotgun and looked towards the people around him.

'' Burn of his lips and cut off his ears. Let it be a reminder of what happens when you leave behind a friend in need. ''

Jaime pleaded for him to call it off, but Jaime's own men had already grabbed ahold of him before he could move anywhere. He had realised there was no way out of this.

'' NO, TUCO, PLEASE, NO!! ''

The men holding him down began to drag him towards the mainhouse and he tried to break free, as he screamed in fear and terror, fearing the punishment soon to come. But Tuco did not even bother to look back at him.

'' Dont ask for forgiveness, Jaime. You will pay for the deed you have done... ''

After Jaime was out of his sight, he looked up towards the sky and he suddenly began to laugh loudly.

'' Oh...Gerry. Now is when the fun starts....I hope you are ready. Preparing for it was fun...but now...NOW is when the party starts. ''


Cain didnt push on the brake for nothing. A few unlucky dead-walkers got turned to mush as he drove out towards the highway.

He drove until he appeared near to an sign named Alexandria. He hadn't been this far out in a long long time and he went out of the truck and looked around the area. He could see deserted houses, trees and ransacked cars and he could see a few dead-walkers in the distance. Far away that they wouldnt bother him, but he still kept his eye on them.

He then opened up the tarp and let Cookie and Rose come out. They looked up to him in confusion as he knelt down and patted them on their heads.

'' Girls....I'm only doing this for her. Gone or not...She'd kill me if I let you both be harmed....It's the least I can do for her. She...She helped me.   She bothered to get to know me. That's more than most people try....So I just want to repay her that. ''

He looked at the wolves for a sec and then shook his head.

'' What the fuck am I doing....talking to wolves.... ''

'' Just...Go. These forrests should be a nice new home for you both. You are faster than the dead cunts...and these forrests are filled with wildlife. You'll be fine. ''

They turned around and as he nodded at them into going, they ran off into the forrest, and it was the last time he would ever see them again.

His mind then went towards Eva, and he began remembering the time they had first met.

Cain had been walking for days, the only weapon in his hand being a bloody rock. His bandages were dirty and he was so tired walking that he fell to the cold pavement, accepting death.

He was out cold, but he then woke up to eyes that were blue as eyes and black as night looking at him with compassion and kindness. As he blinked, they disappeared.

He then snapped back into the present and he noticed something off.

''  What...The fuck is this.... ''

He looked at his hand and saw that something like raindrops kept falling. But no clouds could be seen in the sky. It wasnt rain. It was tears.

''  Tears....I....How long has it been...since I last saw my own...tears...? ''

'' ......I havent shed tears since....Mama... ''

Cain shook his head again and sighed, the tears stopping. He then began to speak with the air, as if Eva was right infront of him.

'' Eva...I didnt love you. I have never loved anyone...not apart from Mama. But...I will get back at those sons o'bitches for ya. ''

Cain sat down on the road and looked up towards the sky. The sky was blue and no clouds were in sight. He tried to remember a day as serene as this and he felt an hot breeze go across his cheek and he was reminded of a summer he had long forgotten. Cain couldnt feel pain or the pain of fire, but he remembered the heat of summer all too well. It was as if it was the one thing he could feel when he remembered those days. The heat of the air and the stench of wet hay and wheat.

He saw in his old memories the smile his mother used to give him, despite the things he was known to do. He was never an child to follow orders, mischief was his life and call. But whilst he remembered her smile, the rest of her face was in the shadows. He could barely remember her name.

He then remembered the beatings his father used to give him. A fat drunk fiend who walked on the line of insanity and kindness, but Cain remembered most how prone he was to wander off to the wrong side. The moments of kindness he had was fleeting like the wind.

In his head, uncountable fractured images began to flicker before him. He saw an old barn from his past memories covered in fire. But in the fire, ash and smoke, he saw the silhouette of his father, laughing maniacally holding onto an branding iron the other, a young boy holding his hands up towards his face was screaming as the fire and steel came nearer and nearer.

Cain then unwrapped the bandages on his left hand, and in his palm, amongst all of his burnscars, a deeper scar could be seen inprinted, in the shape of an circle with an rattlesnake in it. He clenched his fist and smiled under his bandages.

'' Time to go back. I'm wasting time....Bye, Eva. I appreciate all you did for me. But it's over now. I need to focus on the present...and you are the past now. The past should be left where it is. ''

He walked back in the truck and looked towards the sign of Alexandria. He pondered about going down that route, but he decided to just drive back home. He had no other home but Red Sun now. It was all he had left. Not Eva's love, or his childhood farm. He had left or lost it all by now.

The sun was his only companion now, and he let it take him over completely, heart and soul.

Now, all that remained in the rattlesnake's heart was fire.

End of chapter 23.
Chapter 23: Rattlesnake.
This was chapter 23. Alot of fun. to write, this one.
We get glimpses into Cain's past. To clarify, Cain's burnscars are not the result of that burning barn. That is because his burnscars as we know from the scene he had with Eva a while back, is still relatively fresh. The scar on his hand is from that memory, which is from his childhood, meaning his burnscars wouldve all healed completely by now. And also, just like how Eva's animal symbol can be considered a wolf, Cain's is a rattlesnake.
And Jaime will get a makeover. :3 
Also, Tuco's shotgun is one of these. Just like how most characters have a ''signature gun'', this one is his.…
It's a Dominion arms outlaw double barrel shotgun.
Also, Cain is not quite a...victim of circumstance. Bad shit happend to him, yes,  but his sadistic side has always been there. So whilst I did want to give him some sympathy points, he shouldnt '' be felt bad'' for. He has always been the ''I dont like you, so fuck off and leave me be '' guy he is now. The only exclusions for that is his mother and Eva.
And Jeremy and Lucille have a moment, and so does Jennie and Billy. Yes, I did sort of write their scenes to be somewhat similar, them waking up and all next to their loved ones, but the rest of the scenes arent the same ofcourse.
Chapter 24 will be a good one, and it takes place the ame day this one does. Only in the afternoon and such,
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(Contains: violence/gore)
Chapter 22: Promise.

Negan was still halfasleep when he had entered Gerard's office. As soon as he entered, he saw the old man with the orange shirt sitting around a table together with Gerard, waiting for Negan. Gerard welcomed him in his usual cheery manner and told him to sit down.

'' I'am happy that you could all come on such short notice. ''

'' What did you two want to discuss with me? *yawn* You woke me and Lucille up way too early...isn't it like.....5 in the morning? ''

'' Better to get it out of the way early than wasting time later, kid. ''

Gerard then looked towards Negan and he had a smile of confidence that Negan hadn't seen for a while now.

'' Negan...Alexander have found 3...I mean....2 places in DC where we think the Red Sun are resting their heads. The highschool is already taken by the Kingdom.. ''

'' The what now? ''

'' Oh sorry, Negan....forgot you didnt know....The Kingdom is a community much like ours....although it' oddity even amongst community's. Their leader is a wise, wise man by the name of King Ezekiel...and he truly does all he can to keep true to his namesake. Reports also say he has tamed a fullgrown tiger...but I'm not sure what to make out of that one...anyhow...They ride horses and wield swords and heavy armor. A odd bunch, but good at heart, and in the future, possibly a partner worthy of joining up with.  ''

'' I myself have not made contact with Ezekiel....but I want to make the playingfield between Tuco and us tilted to our favor. ''

Alexander then cleared his throat loudly to get their attention.

'' Now listen, the both of you...There are then TWO places they could be at if they are close enough to keep tabs on us, but far enough that we cant run after them without losing them. ''

'' The Us Army navy base......OR....the industrial areas. I suggest sending out a small group to both places at the same time. We do not run in, we only map it out. ''

Gerard smiled and nodded, happy with the plan.

'' Yes...that sounds reasonable. try to map out exactly where they'll go...Me and Negan will find the people we'll send out. Now...all dismissed. I..I want to think some things over and I need some time alone. ''

Alexander and Negan both left his room quite quickly, leaving Gerard alone for his thoughts.


Negan came back to Gerard's hallway about 20 minutes later to speak with him again, and as soon as he walked into the hall, he heard somethin he did not expect. Song.

Through the wall, he could hear Gerard singing. He recognized the melody '' Scarborough Fair. ''

Negan accidentally leaned on the handle and the door went open, and the music stopped almost instantly as Gerard turned around to face Negan, with an straight face.

'' Sorry...I...I was coming back to talk to you and... What was that singing about? I...I'm sorry if I interuppted anything. ''

'' I...*sigh*...come in, Negan. Come in. You have not offended me or annoyed me, so please, come in. Sit. ''

Negan sat down in the sofa and Gerard sat down across the table in his restingchair.

'' I will listen to you....but I will answer your question first...It's...It's a grieving process. ''

'' I have heard that crying into the shoulder of a good friend works just fine. I..Uh...Sorry, but I'm confused. ''

'' *sigh*...Okay, true, Negan...but take note that I havent told anyone this ever, because it's my own personal business....but I have a point as well...I'm gonna tell you about you can understand just a bit more. ''

'' I grew up in Germany. You already knew that. And my liking for music. I got teached to play the violin at an very early age. My father was a...Nazi soldier...who fled Germany after the war..only to come back when i was born. By then, he had reformed completely and married my mother, french military nurse herself. My father's family had always been very very wealthy, going back to days of Lordship. I'm not lying, by the time of the outbreak, my inheritance money was still good for about 10. ''

'' 10? ''

'' 10 million dollars. Not that it matters now. Money lost it's value as soon as people began eating eahcother.... ''

'' Anyhow...on the subject on my family...My Mauser's were my fathers. He could leave his old life behind....but not them, for some reason., they are not replicas...and yes, they are a memento. Anyhow....he always went about cleaning them and keeping them in good shape, which is why they still work, all he way up to their deaths in 1992. Car crash. I inherited everything. It took some time to...well, get over teir deaths...but I managed. And I was young and with tons of money to spend. Glorious. I would never have to work. That thought came to my mind more than my sadness. ''

'' On the other hand...I merely got into the band thing by mistake to be friends....who had a folk rock band....their guitarist was ill....and they asked me to jump in....and...somehow....I just got it. The guitar felt like it was a part of me...and just like with the violin....I learned it very quickly, and it wasnt too long until they asked me to join in....and that was how my band career started. ''

'' On one of our this shoddy Berlin pub....I see in the Hair shining like white gold, and I lost all focus for a few moments....and but me and the guys wrapped up the song quickly and I ran after her. ''

'' She was on her way home when I caught up to her. She had...lush, long white golden soft silk. Iceyblue eyes...and she was angelic. Her beauty....Captivating beyond words. I was spellbound instantly. Caroline Heinmacht.  ''

'' I asked her if she liked our music. She said it sucked...hehe....She never stayed way from saying exactly what she thought of something. But she told me my voice wasn't bad...and that I just needed a push in the right direction. And she promised she'd be back to see If I got any better.  ''

'' We became friends....although it took 1 year before anything happend between us... in the meantime, She helped me and the band out with setting up gigs and all of stuff...effectively becoming our manager...but she was also by far the best singer in the band. ''

Gerard took off his glasses and in his other hand, he held an handker-chief, which he used to polish them with. Whilst he never looked directly towards Negan, His sharp eyes intrigued him.  Negan found it odd that a man that kind and gentle had an icecold stare that would fit the most heartless of killers.

'' It took a few years, marriage and all that.....but eventually, Aiden was born....and we quit the band...on good terms, happily. With my money....we went across the world....lived in various places all over the continents until finally settling down in Illinois. ''

'' We were coming home from our annual summer vacation to Las Vegas...and...It went by too fast. We see people in the streets, running for their lives as the dead killed more and more....It was an nightmare....all the blood.....and I wanted to take Caroline and Aiden to safety....above ALL else. ''

'' She...she got bitten once we got out of town...We found a hotell....and Aiden had to take a leak close to the bushes of them came out. We hear his screams, and we come running towards him as the zombie is a few centimeters away....and then....she pushed him to the ground...and took his place. Without even a shred of doubt. She sacrificed herself for our son without flinching. ''

'' It tore out a chunk of her forearm...but I killed it before it could do anymore harm...but by then, the harm was already done. ''

'' We didnt know...Didnt know that the bite would....would... ''

'' *sigh*...She got worse over the days, coughing up blood....and she gradually became so weak she could barely walk without leaning on my shoulder......on the fourth day...she was practically a shell of her old self, confined to her bed...but she kept on going for Aiden. To keep him safe. I haven't seen anyone else survive for as long as she did....She never gave up. ''

'' On the fifth night....I was sleeping heavily in our bedroom in the hotel, until I once more hear Aiden scream....and he was screaming '' Mommy, mommy, why? ''

'' I wake up in an flash and I look over to him...and I see Caroline...walking slowly towards Aiden, who is crying in the corner of the of the room....and I call out for her to stop...and when she looked over to me....I see her dead eyes....staring down at me. To see the one you love most in the entire that is enough to break you right there. It was Aiden who kept me focused. I HAD to keep him safe....I promised her that....and that meant keeping him safe from any danger....even if.... ''

'' ...Even if that danger was his own mother.... ''

Gerard rubbed his teary eyes and put his glasses back on as he kept telling the story, with an cold and to the point tone.

'' I had to shoot keep HIM safe. He closed his eyes through it all and he had them closed even as we drove off...and he only opened them once the sun came up....8 hours later. Aiden didnt speak or smile for many days....and it was so painful to see.  ''

He leaned back in his chair and looked up towards the ceiling.

'' I know she isn't there...but....when I sing....when I play my instruments....I can HEAR her singing and playing music alongside me....just like before the outbreak. In perfect unfallable sync. Not a note out of place. Angelic. ''

'' I'm not crazy, Negan. I'm not. It's makes it all...easier somehow. Hearing her voice, even if it is just my calming. I would've gone insane a long time ago if not for Aiden and my music....and now...all I have is music. ''

'' You will become a father yourself...and be it a daughter or a son....Make sure you protect your child. Become a better father than I have been.... ''

'' I lose my wife....I lose my son....I lose so many of the people I call friends...and it's ALL because of this godforsaken world. I'am way in deep over my head....I only saw that way too late. ''

'' I cant protect anybody...especially not Aiden....not anymore.....but YOU can. I see in you a true leader, one of action and heart. Your people have nothing to worry about....It's MY people I'm worried about. ''

Gerard then clapped his hands together and stood up from his chair.

'' But you probably dont want to hear me wallow in selfpity any longer....just...Please....dont tell anyone. I have enough on my mind to have to deal with handling pity from others. ''

'' I wont. And I promise you, man, we will get Aiden back. Dont you worry. ''

'' One last thing....I sent out acouple of men to procure some things from any nearby clothingshops. If they attack again...and I have a feeling they will....We'll be ready for them. ''

'' How? ''

Negan waved him off and his voice rang with confidence although he was being very secretive towards Gerard, which the latter did not appreciate.

'' Let me worry about that, Gerard. All I need is for all your best shooters to be where I tell them to be once the men I sent out come back. Trust me...We'll get them IF they attack. ''


They had been driving for hours, and it was closing into the afternoon. The ride was bumpy and the air inside the truck was dense and thick with dust, and nobody was making any sound until Jaime began to speak out loud to the person sitting right across him, Eva.

'' May I ask ONCE more why we are doing this, Eva dear? ''

'' Because I fucking say so, Jaime. And dont call me Dear. You havent earned it. ''

Just as with Tuco, Eva couldn't bring herself to feel any affetion for Jaime, but whilst she atleast attempted to appear civil and neutral with Tuco, she did not even try to hide her discontempt for Jaime. Jaime was as cruel as Cain, but ten times as full of himself. His rank was the same as Cain's or Eva's, and whilst she hated to admit it, without Jaime, they wouldn't be nearly as strong as they were. His knowledge of firearms was unmatched in the entire group, and it had been said he had never missed a kill shot. But he had no charm. He knew he was good, and he felt that it made him superior to everyone else, and thus, he always spoke exactly what he thought of people. A good trait she thought, if only every word he spoke wasn't dung.

'' Earn it? Hahahaha.....But Cain has? By doing what exactly? Pop your cherry?  Truly, a challenge. I dont expect many men willing to be up for that suppose I have to give him credit for such a deed then. ''

Eva spat on his black leather oxfords, and he merely rolled his eyes as Eva began to talk back to him, with venom seeping through her every word.

'' I fail to see why Tuco haven't shot you himself already....You have less charm than a fucking dead-walker. ''

'' Because Tuco values talent above charm, Dear. I'am the best sniper in a uncountable mile radius....You? You got where you are by spreading your legs for a fucking BBQ. I fail to see why Tuco havent fucked you and thrown you away already. ''

Eva took out her knife from her belt and stabbed the wall right next to Jaime, and looked up at him with fury in her eyes and

'' Say that one more time and I'll have my girls tear off and eat off that scrawny looking thing you call a dick.  I'am the best one in our entire group at taking out the fucking trash, and that includes cocky brits with an egocentric fetish....Are you going to talk anymore, or are you going to get in fucking position? ''

The truck suddenly stopped and Eva pointed him and the members of his sniper squad out of the truck.

'' Nice one, I'll write that one down....But I suppose this is mine and my guys's stop. We'll watch over you little kittens from the rooftops...making sure you wont get hurt....Trust me on that....Dear. ''


The truck drove on for about 60 meters until they could see Paradise just a stonethrow away. Eva told the driver to stop and she got out, and the other truck had stopped right next to theirs. Shewaited until everyone was out until she peeked through the tarps of each truck, ordering Cookie and Rose to stay put. She mad clear to them that only her signal, in which she would whistle a tune they remembered from their time as cubs, were they allowed to come out. Once she had made sure  they

'' We are close enough for the first move....what do you want us to do, Eva? ''

Eva looked down the street and saw about 4 guards at the end of the street. They were holding assaultrifles and looked to be standing guard.

'' The pipe bombs. Bring them all out. '

Once the bombs were out, she looked down the empty street one more. It was quiet in the air, and she couldnt see anyone out in the plaza, a effect of their previous attack she thought. People were too afraid to come out, but that only meant they were trapped inside.

'' Throw them. Make sure it sticks. Sound our arrival like trumpets of war. With fire and smoke. ''

The pipe bombs flew high up in the sky with each throw, and the 4 guards unlucky to stand close to their landing got torn apart in the explosion and a cloud of smoke covered the blast zone.

'' Let's move! ''

Eva then pointed the assault-rifles and all of her men towards the far end of the street, and the bullets went flying towards the hotel.

'' ALRIGHT, PEOPLE, GOOD, VEEERY GOOODDD! We got it now...Making them scared...and then we rush in. We got thi..!!? ''

To her right, a bullet had went through the skull of the man right next to her. She looked towards the cloud of smoke and her eyes widend with shock when she saw what came towards them. Gerard and a few dozen of his men were charging them with guns and rifles.


The bullets went flying towards both parties, Eva managing to stay unharmed by moving back towards the back of the truck. She saw Amber and Mark falling down on the ground and covering their heads with their arms, surrendering. The others were shot down apart from Tara who after stabbing one of the Seekers in his throat, was hit across her cheek by the butt of a rifle and brought to the ground. Eva couldnt believe it. In just a few seconds, they had been brought down from 15 men to 4 people.

Eva then looked over her shoulder and looked up towards the rooftops where Jaime was. She waved towards the sky to make him shoot, but no supportive fire was given. She gritted her teeth in fury as she realised Jaime and his men werent going to help her.

She then jumped out from behind the truck and was about to shoot when a bullet suddenly struck her gun, causing her to lose grip of it in pain.

'' What the fucking hell was that.... ''

'' That was US. You lost, Eva. We have people in every house on this very street, in the windows....and then there is us. You are outnumbered by fucking 40 people. ''

She saw Gerard standing infront of her aiming one of his Mausers towards her. His stance was weak, as Eva saw that his leg was shaking and he had sweat going down his forehead, the pain clearly going to him. But she knew she couldnt jump for cover before he had put a bullet in her head, so she stood still. She looked down towards the blast zone now that the smoke had cleared and she groaned in anger that she saw the crater. There was no  blood or gore. Only bits of charred plastic, resembling hands and arms and other limbs.

'' fuckers knew we were coming.... ''

'' No...we did not. But Negan came up with the idea IN CASE you guys would try to charge in. A miracle it worked out EXACTLY as he planned it. You walked right into it, Eva....or should I call you by your nickname, Wolfeye? ''

'' Do as you fucking wish, Gerard. If you are gonna end it, fucking end it. Stop talking. ''

'' Oh, I will. Say farewell, Eva Wolfeye. ''

Just as he went for the trigger, he stopped. The crowd behind him looked at him in gasping shock as they saw what was going on.

'' No, you wont. ''

Gerard felt the cold metal of a revolver pressed against the back of his skull, and he calmly asked:

'' What is the meaning of this? Who are you? ''

He looked over his shoulder to see a blackhaired woman wearing an denim jacket and short skirt in tears, but her facial expression was one of pure hatred.

'' I'am Sherry. Maybe you didnt know...but i'am Dwight's wife....the man this bitch shot down in cold blood. She's mine, and if you pull your trigger, you can bet your fucking ass I will pull mine. Leave ME. ''

Gerard nodded and pointed his gun down,.

'' Very well. You can do it. ''

Gerard moved aside and Sherry walked up to Eva who was holding her hands up, as she then pointed her gun towards her skull, before quickly putting it back in her belt. Eva looked at Sherry in confusion.

'' No...not like this. I will give her a fair shot. No guns. We fight until one of us is dead. The winner gets to walk away. In that means you and those other people that surrended can turn their asses around and go back to wherever you came from. Is that a deal you are willing to go with, bitch? ''

'' Yes. ''

Sherry pointed Eva towards a spot 5 feet away. Once Eva had walked over, Sherry walked to the opposite side and holstered her gun. She then said:

'' Let's begin. ''

Eva had dashed towards her quicker than she had expected and kicked Sherry across the face, leading her to crash into the ground.

Meanwhile, Lucille had just managed to push her way through the  crowd to the edge and tried to jump in and stop it, but she was held back by Negan, and Negan wanted to know why she was so worried.

'' It's..It's  Sherry....I have never seen her fight...I..I dont even know if She CAN. She needs to stop before she kills herself. THIS HAS TO STOP! ''

Her yells went on deaf ears as the Wolf of Red Sun was beating down without mercy on their comrade.

Eva was pushing her on, taunting her, not showing any fear whatsoever. Sherry didnt want to give her the pleasure of showing fright, but she knew she had just done something foolish. She had never been a fighter. She had never been in this situation before....and she wanted someone to pull her back and break it off, but it was too late. Another kick from Eva hit her right across her left cheek, and Sherry did not know how to avoid her strikes, as Eva was much faster than she was and whenever she stepped back, Eva was one step ahead.

Eva then directed a low kick towards Sherry's ankle, pushing it back so that she lost her balance and fell to the ground. In a flash, she was standing over her. She roared out in anger as she continued to beat on her.


Eva held Sherry's face down into the pavement and pulled on her hair as she slammed her face down over and over in fury.

Eva then kicked Sherry in the stomach repeatedly with her left foot until she puked up all of her breakfast onto the pavement. A pastey, greenish-yellowish liquid shot out from her mouth and onto the cold pavement. Eva laughed mockingly, but in her moment of arrogance, Sherry had gone back up and gave her a bone shattering hook right across the nose, but soon fell down on one knee, breathing heavily.

Eva wiped off the blood trickling down her nose as she began to talk down to the pained Sherry.

'' You know WHY you wont win? ''

'' Revenge is a thing strong people try to achieve. The weak stand back and let by-gone's be by-gone's. But here's the thing. The people that come through with their revenge is the ones strong enough to deal out the punishment. Sadly, sometimes the weak people think they got what it takes to get their revenge....and honey....YOU are weak. You got the will to revenge your husband...Dwight, right? The will..yes, but not the strength. You cant defeat me. Not fairly. ''

'' Me on the other hand...I win...Because....I'm strong. I can survive in this world. You cant....And I'll show you that... ''

Sherry then jumped up once more and went quickly towards her neck with the knife in her right hand, and Eva ducked and in the flash of a second, she had locked Sherry's right arm in an lock.

'' ...NOW! ''

The breaking and crunching of bone could be heard throughout the audience. Sherry screamed out in terror and agonizing pain as she looked towards her broken arm, the broken bone sticking out of her sleeve, having broken the flesh and skin. The pain made her throw up once more, and she fell to the ground, landing chestfirst onto the puddle of puke, and darkred blood from the open wound seeped into the puddle, coloring it black.

'' Now you cant do shit. Face mangled....arm broken....time to send you to your fucking husban....Oh? ''

She looked down once more towards Sherry who wasn't moving at all in the puddle of blood and bile that she laid in, and Eva began to cackle loudly, declaring her victory.


'' Heh...ehehe...heh...I won....And now, me and the others...are leaving. Good fucking bye, mother fucke.. ''

'' Not YET! ''

Behind her, Eva hadn't noticed that Sherry had crawled up to her, and when she did noticed, it was too late.

Eva had been wearing sneakers, leaving a small part of her legs bare. Sherry had then sunk her teeth into the back of her right Achilles tendon, and with one strong yank, she had torn it all off, skin and flesh. Blood sprayed and Eva fell to the ground with a crash as she cried out '' FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUUUCCCCKKK!! ''

She tried to stand back up, but the pain was too great. Sherry spat out the flesh she had bitten off, and with blood around her mouth, she smiled devishisly towards Eva.

'' MY win. Who is weak now? ''

She stood back up on shaky legs and slowly but surely came over and then punched Eva in the face several times, before Eva suddenly struck her back, hitting her hard in the stomach, causing her to cough up blood. Eva got up on her feet and was about to strike Sherry once more in flaming fury:



But Sherry had tricked her into coming too close, and she had drawn out her revolver to quickly for Eva to avoid it.

The bullet tore through her stomach and through her back cleanly, and she fell backwards down on her back, blood flowing out of the fresh bulletwound.

Eva coughed up blood almost instantly, yet she suddenly laughed inbetween the gurgling of blood coming out of her mouth.

'' how it ends? Karma, huh? You...You aimed for the stomach, same as I did on your *cough* husband...... to make sure it doesnt kill me instantly,  so I can FEEL it...huh....Cold. Very cold. You got murder in your eyes....just like..Cai..*cough*...n. Strong. I was wrong about you. You are strong. ''

Sherry looked back at her revolver and checked the rounds, completely apathetic to Eva's talking. One of her eyes was completely blocked over by the swelling and most of her face was beginning to swell up under the caked blood and the other eye was barely open because of the blood going down over it. But Eva could still see the hateful gaze of Sherry piercing through, and it was as strong as it had been at the beginning of it all.

'' Yes....I want you to feel the pain you caused him before I end you. But it's about fucking priciple. You hurt Dwight for no reason. I HAVE a reason to kill you. ''

Sherry pointed her revolver towards Eva with her one good arm, who didnt seem intimidated by it.

'' ....*cough*..*cough*..Sherry, was it? I want you to wait for just a little while...i...I need to say something....and I need you to promise you wont shoot them. ''

'' ...Fine. Get on with it. ''

Eva then whistled  song that Sherry had not heard before, and out of the back of the army trucks, Rose and Cookie came running towards their wounded mother. They growled towards Sherry when they saw her holding the gun towards Eva, but Eva hushed them, making them stop and focus their attention towards her. They whined as they saw the blood seeping out of Eva's stomach, but Eva began to talk to them in the tone that made them calm and unafraid, just like last night.

'' Girls...It's time for...*cough*...both of you to go. ''

They whined and had trouble to keep still, nervous about the state of their master and mother, but she kept talking to them calmly and kindly, as if the wound wasn't there.

'' Mommy's tired, girls. *cough* She needs It's time of you both to go out into the big wild world....It's scary...I can do it. If anyone's you two. ''

Tears began to roll down her cheek. The pain wasn't what made her shed tears, it was the fact that she understood she'd never get to see them again.

'' ....My little girls...One last hug...okay? ''

Eva then sat up, which clearly took alot of energy out of her, causing the wound to bleed much more, and she was sweating greatly, but with alot of effort, she managed to embrace both of them, crying into their fur as she said her last words to them.

'' Mommy's so proud of you both. Now...go. Mommy will be watching you. Always. ''

She then released the embrace and she smiled as they turned around and ran away down the street, disappearing into the horizon.

'' Mommy will be he... ''


Eva's body fell down onto the ground, lifeless, but the proud smile remained even in death. Sherry knelt down and closed her eyes, making it appear as if she was in a deep sleep.

Sherry then threw the revolver to the ground, and then looked towards Amber with disgust and spite in her eyes, but for a mere moment, she looked at the frightend young woman with understanding.

'' Gerard....Do not kill them. Bring them in...Bring the... ''

Negan ran up to check on Sherry who was looking more dead and battered than alive and beautiful. But behind the mask of blood, she smiled up towards him as she held her in his arms.

'' N..Negan....I did it...Did you see it..I was...stro... ''

Her head then fell back and Negan felt her pulse, which was very faint.


He looked on as a group of strong men carried her away towards the Hotel. The crowd scattered and the new prisoners got their hands tied with rope and taken back to the hotel. Negan was amongst the only two people left by the end of it. He turned around and saw Lucille standing over Eva's corpse, fists clenched and eyes looking down towards her.

'' What are you doing, Lucille? ''

'' Thinking. Trying to process the fucking slaughter I just saw. I have taken beatings, but for Sherry to come out of....THAT? I'm not sure if she'll make it. ''

'' It's not a surprise that those Red Sun fuckers will be out for blood. And...jesus fuck. If everyone of the bigshots in her group is as hard to take down as this one....*sigh* I'm worried, Neggie. I thought we were the people with the biggest balls out theere still breathing and kicking....but these fuckers? They are packing tons of army shit and.... ''

Lucille put her boot on Eva's cheek and pressed down as she heard the skull creak and crunch under the sole of her boot, but she stepped off before crushing it.

'' ...If everyone in that group is as fucking tough as this bitch...Then I'm not sure how this is gonna go down. We will need to keep our heads in the game. Everyone needs to be armed and ready. ''

She began to then walk back towards the hotel with Negan right behind her, leaving behind Eva and the setting sun. Before they got back to the plaza however, Negan stopped Lucille and she took notice in that he seemed somewhat nervous.

'' I have a question for you, Lucille....what were you doing with Jeremy that night? Have...Are you going behind my ba... ''

Lucille quickly hid her face in the palm of her hand.

'' Dont even fucking go there, Neggie. First of all...I love you. You know that. Secondly...I could never love him like I love you. Ever. That is the biggest of fucking facts. ''

'' So you DO love him? What is this, Lucille? How do you know eachother? ''

'' Oh Jesus fucking Christ, You REALLY havent figured it out? Good work, Lucille. You hit the jackpot. Your child's father is gonna be an idiot. ''

Negan looked at her as if he was demanding an answer, and he seemed completely clueless, and Lucille chuckled which then turned into laughter, confusing him even further.

'' What is so damn funny? ''

'' *laughter* Negan...Jeremy is not my lover or ex-boyfriend or anything like that. First of all...he's pushing 60. Big fucking no-no-no. Secondly...and the main fact that you are completely wrong....He's...He's our child's grandfather...He's my dad, Negan. There is nothing between us. ''

Negan was shocked for a few seconds but quickly put the pieces together, noticing they had been there all along. He sighed in relief and smiled, putting his hand out towards her.

'' Shall we go back? I'm tired and after a day like this...I just want to lay in bed with you. Let's just...take some time for ourselves today....away from everyone else. We havent had much quality alonetime since....well, that night by the car.  ''

She took his hand and kissed him, but not before whispering into his ear:

'' Let's go then. *chuckle* You shouldv'e seen the look on your face though. Priceless. ''

As they went back inside the hotel, the wind became quiet and peaceful. But whilst the moon would not rise for a while yet, in the distance, Negan could swear he heard saddend howling.

Jaime was walking down the streets of DC on their way back as the sun began to set. They hadn't attempted to bring back the trucks as they were too far into the battlezone for them to get back unseen, and Jaime knew the way back. Luckily and strangely he thought, that they hadn't seen any bigger groups of dead-walkers for a while. A couple of stragglers that they could quickly outpace, but no herd. Jaime felt relived, as all he wanted was to get a good night's sleep.

'' Jaime, why didnt we help them back there? ''

He stopped and looked back towards the men following him and pointed towards the man who had asked him.

'' Do I HAVE to tell you, when it is soooo obvious? Because Eva is...WAS an fucking idiot....I never liked her. The idea of her....running right into her death, resulting in the deaths of the people she trusted...entertained me for a short while. Now i'm bored. ''

Jaime began to whistle on the song ''Be my Baby'', but the man became more nervous, irritating him further.

'' Cain is gonna kill you, man. When he gets news of this....shit, man. ''

'' Like if. Eva was merely another cunt for him to stick his burnt cock into. He doesnt care about anyone. And even IF he did...Cain is also a halfblind motherfucker who overestimates himself. I can handle him, and besides....It's not like anyone is going to fucking talk, are THEY!!? ''

Jaime then drew out his UZI in the blink of an eye, and before Richard had time to react, half a clip had already torn through his skull rending it into a bloody mush and his body fell to the ground with a thud. The other looked on in fear and shock at his corpse as Jaime got more annoyed, pointing the UZI towards them all one by one.


Nobody responded or tried to do anything, and Jaime sighed and put his Uzi back in it's holster.

'' I thought so. Now get on with it, chop-chop. I want to be back home before sundown. We'll tell Tuco the mission was a bust, and nobody but us survived. Nobody will talk any shit about us leaving. Or they end up like Richard over there. Are we fucking okay with that, gents? ''

As they nodded in nervous agreement, Jaime then turned around and continued his whistling as they followed him back towards Red Sun.

They had lost, but it did not matter to him. He was thinking about what he had seen go down just before they had left. How Eva's group got slaughtered in seconds. In his head, he had finally began to realize the Seekers as a real threat, and it both entertained him and but most of all....It scared him, even but a little.

End of chapter 22.
Chapter 22: Promise.
This was a long chapter....and I loved making it.
I decided to write more about Gerard's backstory earlier than expected. And it took alot of time to get right. But I'am very pleased with the end result.
And as for the fight....I  wanted it to be...brutal. Bloody. Gritty.
And I think I managed to make it so. And Eva has her final sendoff. Sherry owned up to her promise, even if she didnt get out of it unharmed.
Also, yes. Jaime is a dick. A massive one. There is no hiding it.
Chapter 23 will not be as intense, but we'll get back to some of the characters we didnt see this chapter....Billy...Jennie...Dwight....etc etc.
It will be out soon enough.
Robert Kirkman owns The Walking Dead.


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If you want to use them in a set.....or reupload them in an edited are free to do that.

Under ONE condition that cannot be broken because then i'll report you.

You need to ask me first. I will often say yes...but it's a principle. Ask me, and we are A'O-fucking-kay.
(And you need to credit me as the colorist.)

I will not look kindly upon you if you do not ask me first or credit me. You all know me, i'am a very nice, kind guy.

I'am really mad over this, and that is a first. It takes alot to anger me, but one thing that makes me go into this angry...mode of dishonesty. If you upload something you didn't make under your name....that's being dishonest. And it makes me wanna fucking punch my screen. 

Please, if you can, help me alert the admins. Help me do something to get that fucking thief off this site.

I will be glad if anyone comments or helps out. I...I know I need to calm down....i'm just...just angry right now, kay'?
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